Avalon Airshow organiser to run Wings over Illawarra

Avalon Airshow organiser to run Wings over Illawarra

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AVALON CEO Justin Giddings, left, and Wings Over Illawarra founder Mark Bright, right.

The organisation behind Avalon Airshow will become the new operator of NSW’s biggest annual airshow from next year.

As part of the 10-year deal with the AMDA Foundation, Wings over Illawarra will shift to taking place every two years but will extend from a two to a three-day event.

It will also be renamed Airshows Downunder Shellharbour and feature greater industry involvement.

It’s the latest evolution of the show, from being a community event managed by a committee for its first seven years to being owned by a private company and then gaining CASA approval to put on more dramatic displays.

Original founder Mark Bright said AMDA’s resources and expertise would help the event achieve its original vision.

‘Wings Over Illawarra was created to give the general public a great airshow, and help promote affordable recreational aviation in Australia,” he said.

“AMDA Foundation’s great experience and resources will take the airshow to the next level.

“Their experience in operating major events such as the Australian International Airshow will help the airshow grow and increase its ability to promote aviation in Australia.”


The airshow will stay at its Shellharbour Airport location south of Wollongong, and the first event under new management will take place on 1 to 3 March 2024.

ADMA runs some of the industry’s biggest defence and aerospace events, including Land Forces, Indo-Pacific and Rotortech. The most recent iteration of its shows combined attracted more than 200,000 attendances.

“Wings Over Illawarra has built an excellent reputation as an event for the general aviation and light sport aviation community in Australia,” said AMDA Foundation CEO Justin Giddings.

“It has an exciting airshow covering the breadth of vintage, warbird and modern aviation and a highly regarded careers and skills day to help attract the next generation. It also provides an important means of promoting general aviation to the general public.

“AMDA Foundation intends to build on that and create an event that promotes the Australian general aviation industry while providing an exciting airshow for all the family.”

The announcement was made on Friday at Australia’s biggest aviation event, Avalon Airshow, which takes place at its namesake’s airport and surrounding grounds.

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