Axie Infinity Price Prediction: What will happen to the gaming token in 2022?

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What is Axie Infinity? The Axie Infinity coin is the native token of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. A platform that allows traders and gamers to battle and gain NFT rewards. The game follows the plot of popular games such as Tamagotchi and Pokemon. Gamers collect and breed creatures known as Axies, which they use to battle against other traders and players.  Current Axie Infinity price action Axie Infinity price kicked off the second of March at a low of $44. Within a day, the price had skyrocketed all the way to $48.9 on the 15th, before correcting downwards to $47. The bulls had attempted to break past the $50 mark but faced huge resistance from break-even sellers. As of this writing, the price of the AXS token is trading at $47.005. Another attempt by buyers to break past the $48.9 mark was met by a barrier of $48.462.  Axie Infinity is only 4 years old and has managed to gain traction within that short duration; as a result of the increasing hype surrounding NFTs and the metaverse. Most of the ecosystem’s senior developers have a track record of experience in gaming and virtual reality. Today, the token commands a market capitalization of $2.8 billion and has a coin market rank of 44. Also, note that the total supply of AXS tokens is at 270 million. Already, 53.5 million of those tokens are circulating across the cryptocurrency market. What do Influencers think about the price direction of Axie Infinity? Popular Youtube crypto analyst CoinBureau applauded Axie Infinity as one token whose price couldn’t fall into manipulation by whales. The analyst said this while comparing Axie Infinity’s price to the price performance of SLP. He notes that AXS/USD could double or triple in the next few months, attributing its performance to a quality early start and in-demand use cases.  Crypto Pal, another crypto Youtuber, thinks the price of AXS will surpass $1000 in case the development team is able to actualize its roadmap. The analyst attributed the success of the project to the increasing demand for NFTs and blockchain gaming.  Max Maher was also overwhelmed by the ability to earn from playing a game. The popular cryptocurrency analyst noted that the token was going to disrupt crypto for good, as dubbed on the video’s title. In the video, Maher pinpoints the value of NFTs and how the technology is actually going to drive Axie Infinity price higher.  Should you invest in Axie Infinity in 2022?  Axie Infinity is a quality project owing to its experienced team of developers. In case, the team is able to execute its outlined roadmap, there are high chances of gaining deeper traction and attracting more investors. Also note the increasing hype surrounding NFTs, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse; all of which the Axie Infinity project hopes to support.  As more people enter these emerging industries, the adoption of the AXS token will keep growing; hence its price. Remember, that the overall direction of the cryptocurrency market follows the direction of Bitcoin. Therefore, if Bitcoin rises in price, the price of AXS and other in-sync altcoin markets are going to grow.  Meanwhile, we also urge our readers not to treat this price prediction as investment advice but rather as a starting guide on what projects matter in the blockchain space. Conduct your own research and consult with experts so as to make an informed decision before investing in any digital asset. 

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