Back 4 Blood how to unlock weapon skins for your guns

Back 4 Blood‘s weapons are all given a very boring and bland black frame when you first start out. However, there are some more unique weapon skins you can earn in the game if you can figure out how to get them as you are fighting off waves of Ridden.

Knowing how to unlock weapon camos and skins in Back 4 Blood isn’t exactly obvious as the game doesn’t directly tell you how to obtain them. However, we have spent a few days with the co-op experience and figured out how you can unlock them, whether they be for powerful sniper rifles, up close and personal melee weapons, or spray-and-pray SMGs.

Read on to learn how to unlock weapon camos and skins in Back 4 Blood so you can make the weapons feel truly your own when you pick them up in the game’s campaign levels.

Back 4 Blood how to unlock weapon skins

In Back 4 Blood, weapon skins can be unlocked by completing Supply Lines. The skins are usually the final reward in a Supply Line chain.

These Supply Lines offer a variety of rewards, including weapon camos, and can be unlocked with Supply Points. These are earned at the end of each mission completed. This is also how you unlock outfits in Back 4 Blood.

You can make your way through Supply Lines from the menu or head to the Supply Lines vendor in Fort Hope. But, each Supply Line has different rewards, so check what is on offer before you start investing your points.

Keep in mind that Solo Campaign does not offer any progression at the moment, so you can’t earn Supply Points to help you unlock weapon camos. However, Turtle Rock is looking into changing this in the future, so there could be hope for solo players yet.

That covers how to unlock Back 4 Blood’s weapon camos and skins. For more tips as you play, take a look at some of the Back 4 Blood best cards and the best weapons in the game.


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