Best of 2023 Awards - Best Soundtrack - MonsterVine

Best of 2023 Awards – Best Soundtrack – MonsterVine

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Austin: When it comes to picking the best soundtrack of the year, it was easy to pick Hi-Fi Rush. It exceeds the basic requirements of having “good music.” The composition that ​​Reo Uratani and team was able to achieve captures the frenetic energy of the world. Dirty guitars, thumping bass drums, synths and feedback are occasionally backed with lyrics, and have provided a sense of high-energy mediation for me outside of the game. Where things really vibe is how integral the music is to every aspect of the game. The environment, the combat and the characters are all impacted by the music. The musical experience that is Hi-Fi Rush is truly, hypnotizing

Diego: This whole game fucking rips, but the music especially so. Plus you get a fake Black Keys band in it too, what’s not to love?

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