Best of 2023 Awards - Most Anticipated Game - MonsterVine

Best of 2023 Awards – Most Anticipated Game – MonsterVine

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Samantha: While I was initially dubious of Square Enix’s decision to split the Final Fantasy VII remake into parts, Final Fantasy VII Remake left me eagerly anticipating where the next part would go. Since then, the showcases for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have made it one of the games I’m most excited for this year. I don’t know which theory about the story direction will turn out to be true, but I’m confident it will be an incredible ride to get there.

Spencer: Though the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake has me feeling a bit cautious, the small snippets of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that I’ve seen look very exciting. My guy Cid Highwind is finally making his debut and quite a few memorable moments are looking as though they’ve been lovingly recreated. I have no clue how the story will go, but I’ve made peace with this being its own thing and am looking forward to whatever we get.

Nick: I was immediately taken by the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Simply taking Final Fantasy VII and giving it a modern coat of paint is simple. Going through, recognizing the story for what it is and expanding on the universe created? That’s a galaxy brain move. More importantly, the way Remake ended showed how many possibilities there were for the story to take. I’m excited to see where this story goes and where the team is going to take us to expand our understanding of the Final Fantasy VII world.

Joe: Just give me the OST. I’m sure the game is going to be great, but I can’t wait to just bask in new renditions of Uematsu’s masterpieces. I’ve listened to the soundtrack of Remake on repeat since it came out and I need some new music.

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