Big Eyes Coin, Pepe Coin, And Is ApeMax Next Crypto Bull Run Coin?

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The world of crypto has been filled with excitement over the past few months as new and highly promising high growth coins have entered the space. These new coins include mass appeal meme coins such as Pepe Coin, as well as presale superstars like Big Eyes, or even disruptive and innovative newcomers such as ApeMax

Crypto buyers and analysts are patiently waiting with anticipation for the signs of the next crypto bull run or market upswing, and hoping to capitalize on the future reinvigoration of the crypto market by looking for the coins that could deliver high returns and massive gains when the next crypto bull market comes around.

In this article, we will discuss 3 hotly monitored new crypto coins: ApeMax, Big Eyes Coin, and Pepe Coin, and discuss what makes each of them unique and interesting. This in-depth analysis showcases the unique features and attributes of these fresh crypto tokens, and curates and summarizes information collected from a diverse range of sources including analyst insights, market research, crypto trends, price data, and material from these official coin whitepapers, socials, and websites.

Without further ado, let’s dig right into it.

Is ApeMax the next crypto bull run coin?

ApeMax is a new utility token with unique staking tokenomics that allows holders to earn big rewards by staking on a wide range of entities. Staking ApeMax is easy and does not require any technical skills or know-how. Moreover, ApeMax staking does not subject stakers to high minimums or to a long lock up period, making it a great alternative to traditional crypto staking which can be fraught with complexity and setbacks.

ApeMax is currently in its presale phase. Now is a great time to explore the ApeMax presale and to look into purchasing ApeMax tokens at great presale prices. The presale price of ApeMax tokens increases every 24 hours, highlighting the importance of being an early bird. 

Early buyers also can enjoy the limited quantity Early Bird Loot Boxes through which they can acquire their ApeMax tokens and benefit from savings of up to 50%.

Big Eyes Coin News and upcoming CEX Listings

Big Eyes, the new sensation in the world of meme coins, achieved an extraordinary feat by raising an astonishing $27.5 million in its presale stage, garnering immense hype and anticipation prior to its full launch. 

Big Eyes positions itself uniquely within the crypto landscape by promoting cuteness as a form of currency, deviating from the dominance of Doge-themed tokens. Drawing inspiration from Big Eyes, ApeMax has also built a token ecosystem revolving around a cute non-doge inspired creature, while simultaneously offering practical applications.

The Big Eyes token will be floated and listed on the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap and on centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Poloniex. 

Pepe Coin News Updates

Pepe Coin is a young meme cryptocurrency and altcoin which shocked the crypto community earlier this summer as the coin price and market capitalization surged past the impressive $1 billion mark according to data from CoinGecko. Pepe coin’s success was nothing short of remarkable and the token has gained legions of new fans. 

Moreover, several early buyers of Pepe coins have managed to generate millions in earnings thanks to their early acquisition of this new coin. Pepe coin shines as a bright example illustrating to what extent early buyers who have the correct foresight can benefit when a new coin gets a lot of traction.

More recently however, the price and appeal of Pepe coin have diminished, which could point to buyers’ interest shifting from meme coins to tokens with possibly more utility such as newcomer ApeMax.

When is the next crypto bull run?

Predicting the exact timing of world events such as the next crypto bull run is no easy undertaking and certainly not an exact science. However, specialized experts and analysts tracking the day-to-day movements in the crypto world monitor several factors when looking to anticipate or predict the next bull run.

What are the signs of the next crypto bull run?

7 Signs to help Analysts Predict Next Crypto Bull Run:

  • Media attention – Bull runs often attract significant media coverage and public interest in cryptocurrencies, with headlines highlighting price surges and market growth.
  • Increased Trading Volumes – Bull markets typically see an increase in trading volumes across various cryptocurrencies, indicating heightened investor activity and market participation.
  • Positive market sentiment – Bullish sentiment becomes more prevalent as investors and traders exhibit optimism about the future of cryptocurrencies, driving up prices. One Index to monitor for this is the Fear and Greed Index.
  • Price breakouts and upward trends – Bull runs are characterized by sustained periods of price increases, often marked by breakouts from previous resistance levels and the formation of higher highs and higher lows on price charts.
  • Growing institutional involvement – Increased participation from institutional investors, such as hedge funds and financial institutions, can indicate the potential for a bull run as it brings in more capital and credibility to the market.
  • Positive regulatory developments – Favorable regulatory news and government policies related to cryptocurrencies can contribute to market optimism and fuel a bull run.
  • Technological advancements and adoption – Significant advancements in blockchain technology, as well as increased adoption of cryptocurrencies in real-world applications, can be positive indicators for a potential bull run.

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