Bionik installs InMotion robotic systems at Lifepoint’s US facilities

Bionik installs InMotion robotic systems at Lifepoint’s US facilities

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Bionik Laboratories has expanded its partnership with Lifepoint Health with the installation of InMotion ARM robotic systems at four new US locations.

The company has installed the robotic devices at Lifepoint’s facilities located at Sacramento in California, Louisville in Kentucky, Brownsburg in Indiana and Phoenix in Arizona for providing stroke recovery care.

These devices have been deployed at Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs) to support patients recovering from spinal cord, brain and stroke injuries.

Bionik also offers continued training and education to the hospital staff and therapists of Lifepoint on robotics technology, in addition to the installation of devices.

The robotic systems leverage artificial intelligence to monitor a patient’s movements during therapy and help in completing various motor therapy activities.

Bionik’s device enables occupational therapists to track up to 1,000 movements for a single patient per session, while it is only 30-60 movements per session with conventional therapy.

Bionik CEO and president Richard Russo J. said: “We value our longstanding partnership with Lifepoint Health. The continued expansion of these installations for Bionik’s InMotion ARM robotic devices within Lifepoint Health facilities is an exciting step in Bionik’s evolution and overall plan for the brand’s continued national roll-out.

“We are very excited to see the InMotion devices become more commonly utilised across the nation, helping to rehabilitate individuals that have suffered from strokes and give them a chance to live the life they lived once before.”

The company deployed several devices at 32 locations of Lifepoint over the past year.

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