Bistroo Accepts Multiple Cryptos For Payment, F&B Sector Spellbound

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  • Bistroo the P2P marketplace has an exciting announcement for the food sector.
  • The platform now allows its merchants to accept multiple crypto payments.
  • These include BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, and BCH.

The trailblazing peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain-based food ecosystem — Bistroo is making an exciting announcement. In detail, the platform will now allow merchants to begin accepting payments in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Specifically, these cryptos include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB). This move greatly extends the existing payment options. To elaborate, these include the platform’s native BIST token as well as fiat currency.

Above all, this move marks Bistroo as the world’s first food ordering platform to embrace cryptos and blockchain. Since the brand’s successful fundraising round of $8 million in May, Bistroo has been working to enable payments with BIST. Now, from a collaboration Coinpayments, BIST holders can spend BIST at any of the 100,000 Coinpayments merchants across 200 countries.

Additionally, the brand is now working towards further cementing this collaboration for global crypto adoption. Next, customers can make payments using one of five of the following major cryptos: BTC, ETH, BNB, Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

CEO and co-founder of Bistroo — Bas Roos shares his thoughts on the matter,

Bistroo is on a mission to set ourselves up on the global stage with our unique business model. The future is moving towards a protocol economy where parties can directly interact with each other, and Bistroo is taking the first steps in that direction, offering a better value proposition for the food ordering platform market. Enabling our users to transact in crypto is an integral part of that journey.

At the moment, Bistroo is temporarily not charging a commission on any crypto payments. This is a move on their part to further encourage crypto adoption. In turn, this allows merchants to enjoy a larger slice of their returns. On the other side, consumers get a discount on their orders. An additional discount is available to them if they choose to pay with BIST.

Bistroo recognized the many prevailing issues in the industry and offers a well-thought-out solution. Since 2020 the project has helped over 25,000 customers. In fact, it has processed over $2.3 million in orders. 

Furthermore, merchants have complete control over their orders, promotions, menu configuration, payments, and analytics. Thus, they can directly transact with their customers and get instant payments when orders come in.

In addition, listing on Bistroo now gives restaurateurs and food operators the added benefit of easily expanding their payments services into cryptos. To highlight, they can do so whilst elevating the many perks of a P2P platform.

All in all, Bistroo’s goal is to become a global leader within the PaaS e-commerce technology space for restaurants and food shops. aims to be the portal that enables restaurants and specialty food stores across the globe to offer their products directly to their customers.

More significantly, it wants to allow them to provide this at an exceptionally low fee, instant payouts, and with full control. Lastly, crypto payments can be made in the demo store using the testnet.


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