Bitcoin Stagnates at $39K, THORChain’s RUNE Surges 10% (Weekend Watch)

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The cryptocurrency market failed to deliver any significant movements in the past 24 hours as the majority of coins are trading flat with no real discrepancies. There are, of course, a few exceptions, so let’s unpack.

Bitcoin Price Flat at $39K

As seen in the chart below, the past 24 hours were finally a bit less volatile compared to previous periods.

With one exception where BTC’s price dipped towards $38,500, the primary cryptocurrency has been trading around $39,000 for the most part. This is somewhat expected as it’s the weekend and it’s usually the case that volumes are lower.

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The lack of tumultuous price action also resulted in a lot fewer liquidations compared to the previous days. Over the past 24 hours, there was only about $38 million worth of liquidated long and short positions, where the ratio is also somewhat flat with 58% being long liquidations. The largest single liquidation order was an ETH perp worth $800K and it happened on OKEx.

THORChain Pulls Ahead, Top Alts Stagnate

The leading altcoins from the top 10 failed to produce any considerable movements during the last day.

Source: Quantify Crypto

As seen in the heatmap above, most of the cryptocurrencies are trading in the red for minimal losses – typical sideways action. LUNA continues to lose gains made during its recent rally as the coin is down another 3% today.

The biggest gainer for the past 24 hours is THORChain’s RUNE – up 10.5%. With this recent increase, the cryptocurrency is up a total of 40% over the past week.

On the other hand, JUNO lost the most – about 8%, followed by ANC with 6%. The latter is also the coin that lost the most value for the week – about 47%.

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