bitoftrade : A New Anonymous Exchange to Leverage The Power of Crypto Trading

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bitoftrade allows users to get more from their crypto portfolio. The platform offers advanced trading tools such as leverage trading, limit orders and token swaps between over 900 tokens with optimized market prices directly from their wallets without registration or KYC verification.

The last couple of years have seen fast-growing demand for crypto exchanges. During this time, two main types of exchanges emerged: centralized and decentralized. Centralized exchanges can offer excellent trading tools, but they have two problems. Firstly, they are custodial, which means that traders’ funds are at risk of being locked, or worse, hacked. Secondly, they require users to identify themselves through passing KYC and provide detailed information on the origin of their funds in order to make withdrawals.

While decentralized exchanges are anonymous and non-custodial, they target a very sophisticated audience and most of them do not offer advanced trading tools (like leverage, for example). Their commissions are not straightforward; transaction speed is relatively low (compared with centralized exchanges), and customer service is either poor or unavaila …

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