BOT Planet Soon to Launch Its IDO And Listing on DEXs and CEXs

Most crypto projects engage in initial dex offering (IDO), a special way of launching their crypto coin or token in order to raise funds from retail investors while allowing these investors to buy these tokens at a lower price. IDO has provided better liquidity of crypto assets and offers faster, open, and fair trading for all parties involved. BOT Planet is a decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that offers various secure and private DeFi services. The platform is currently planning on the launch of its IDO and listing on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

According to the BOT Planet team, the IDO is expected to happen very soon for the public to partake in what BOT Planet is bringing to the entire DeFi marketplace.

The BOT Planet Ecosystem

BOT Planet DeFi platform is designed to offer its community a simple and fun way to execute transactions, privately swap tokens, engage in system voting, etc. The ecosystem provides the needed tools and features for Binance Smart Chain users. There are robotic mascots deployed to help users access the features they are looking for on the platform. The goal of the founding team is to have a DeFi platform that is simple to use even for inexperienced crypto enthusiasts while also maintaining back-end complexity that users of all knowledge are happy about.

There are varieties of applications and features available on the BOT Planet ecosystem. They include BOT decentralized exchange, BOT NFTs, BOT token, BOT wallet, BOT messenger, BOT lottery, and BOT games.


BOT token is a BEP-20 token standard that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token was created for people across different ages groups, and according to the BOT team, it is designed to simplify the complex processes experienced in a blockchain system. Therefore, the token is created to make the BOT Planet blockchain-based system user-friendly to virtually everyone. There are 200 million fixed BOT tokens. 10% of the tokens are for private sale, 15% goes for pre-sale, 7.5% for public sale, 62% for staking and lottery, 5% goes to the team and founders, while 0.5% will be used for airdrop and bounty.

1% of the tokens are burned with every transfer, while another 1% is transferred as taxes to the marketing wallet. The BOT private sale is already completed, and the BOT IDO is already on the way. On the other hand, the pre-sale will commence on September 13 through September 15, 2021, for $0.008 per BOT token. The BOT token will also be listed on PancakeSwap on September 15 for $0.01 per token.

Overview Of The BOT DEX

The BOT DEX makes it possible for users to transact (buy and sell) practically any crypto asset without divulging their identity. BOT DEX doesn’t release the personal information of its users. As a user on the DEX, you will not be required to log in with your IP address. This is done to ensure your privacy on the platform. There will be liquidity pools (LPs), staking opportunities, gamification, and yield farming within the BOT DEX. When users stake in the liquidity pools on the DEX, they can earn BOT tokens.

Interestingly, anyone can create a liquidity pool on the platform’s liquidity page at no cost. Users will gain access to a variety of detailed features and other information about the performance of the LP and its parameters. When you transact on the platform, you will be rewarded with a percentage of the transaction fees and the governance token (BOT token). The team also plans to make BOT DEX offer lending options in the future, which will be done within the mining section. For the gamification of the platform, it will be like the PancakeSwap Team Battle function.


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