Cognizant Unveils Flowsource: A Cutting-Edge AI Platform Revolutionizing Software Engineering

Cognizant Unveils Flowsource: A Cutting-Edge AI Platform Revolutionizing Software Engineering

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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. has just unveiled an addition to the world of software engineering – Flowsource, a generative AI platform poised to reshape how businesses approach technology. In response to the rapidly evolving market dynamics, Cognizant aims to empower enterprises to keep pace with emerging technology, new competitors, and shifting customer demands.

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Cognizant Unveils Flowsource: A Cutting-Edge AI Platform Revolutionizing Software Engineering

The Genesis of Flowsource

Flowsource seamlessly integrates into all stages of the software development lifecycle, offering a comprehensive solution for cross-functional engineering teams. By incorporating digital assets and tools, it facilitates the delivery of high-quality code at an accelerated pace. It parallelly ensures increased control and transparency throughout the process. This addresses the challenges posed by the complexity of technology estates and legacy debt faced by organizations striving to become technology-driven.

Empowering Engineering Teams

The generative AI service provided by Flowsource extends beyond mere automation. It enables teams to navigate the developer experience with efficiency and precision. Through self-service templates, code and environment provisioning, automated testing, and documentation, teams can expedite their processes. The incorporation of trained copilots further accelerates coding, allowing for more focus on innovation rather than repetitive tasks.

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Transparency and Problem-Solving

One of Flowsource’s standout features is the transparency it injects into an organization’s software engineering ecosystem. By offering a unified platform connecting all software delivery stakeholders and the development community, Cognizant ensures that issues can be identified and resolved faster. This not only improves problem-solving but also enhances understanding of the impact, facilitating more seamless strategy delivery.

Cognizant Flowsource: A Generative AI Platform for Software Engineering

Extensibility through Third-Party Plugins

Flowsource doesn’t just stop at being an efficient standalone platform; it’s designed as an extendable solution. Enterprises can seamlessly integrate third-party plugins, accelerating work processes even further. This adaptability ensures that businesses can tailor Flowsource to their unique needs, making it a versatile asset in the ever-changing landscape of software engineering.

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Our Say

In the era of generative AI, where the demand for innovation is relentless, Cognizant’s Flowsource emerges as a beacon for organizations striving to balance speed and sustainability. Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant’s Software and Platform Engineering, aptly notes that working faster should not equate to more problems. Flowsource’s main focus is on quality and consistency. This positions it as a catalyst for delivering new and innovative products and services with improved time to market.

Cognizant Flowsource is not just a tool; it’s a strategic move to revolutionize software engineering. As businesses navigate the complexities of modern technology, this AI-enabled platform offers a solution that goes beyond mere efficiency. It empowers organizations to embrace change, stay ahead of the competition, and focus on what truly matters in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

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