Coinbase CEO Remains Positive on Ripple Case Against SEC

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Ripple Case Against SEC Coinbase News
  • Coinbase CEO remains optimistic about Ripple’s fight against SEC.
  • XRP remains one of the top 10 cryptos in CoinGecko.

The legal talks between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple continue to be one of the most heated topics in the crypto world. In fact, these events have already made Ripple so popular that even the CEOs of other crypto networks can’t even hold their thoughts any longer. Brian Armstrong, the co-founder & CEO of Coinbase Exchange is one of the famous people in the crypto world that expresses his thoughts about Ripple and SEC.

Brian also mentioned in the tweet post that he feels that the Ripple case seems to be doing better than expected. However, he also shared that the SEC should realize that attacking crypto networks harms consumers, especially in countries where cryptos play a big role in society. The countries in the middle east where Ripple has a good reputation for transferring funds from point a to point b are perfect examples.

Furthermore, if the U.S SEC continues to press charges against Ripple, there might be a chance that it might hamper the operation of Ripple in the future. As a result, the consumers who heavily rely on the crypto’s technology might suffer, which is not good. 

On the other hand, despite Ripple’s left and right challenges every day, its native token XRP remains strong. In detail, XRP remains one of the top ten cryptos in CoinGecko. It has a strong market cap of over $50 billion with a 24-hour trading volume of almost $4 billion.

Meanwhile, Coinbase, the company of Brian Armstrong, remains to be the second-largest exchange in CoinGecko.    


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