Cookin’ Burger! Digital Entertainment Asset Reveals Its First Third-Party Game Title

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Singapore-based digital entertainment and blockchain game company Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) revealed on Mar.18 the release of the fourth blockchain game title – Cookin’ Burger.

The game will mark the first time DEA has partnered with a third party developer for the launch off the game. As a press release reported, Cookin’ Burger will be part of DEA’s PlayMining ecosystem.

Digital Entertainment is constantly expanding its business in the blockchain gaming industry with a number of key partnerships and game projects. According to the latest information, the beta version of Cookin’ Burger is set to release at some point in May 2022.

Cookin’ Burger is Here!

Cookin’ Burger is an interesting multitasking cooking simulation game where players will play roles as burger store staff, process food and serve customers.

When each task is completed, players will receive more bonuses, increase experience points and levels in the simplest way.

In addition to the new game title’s announcement, DEA also revealed that the presale of the game’s Shop NFT will kick off on March 18th at 11:00 (UTC+8).

Users can participate in the pre-sale and get early access to grant special offers as early birds.

Players can unleash their cooking skills in Cookin’ Burger and have to be quick to arrange a reasonable time to best serve meals, not to keep customers waiting for a long time.

Surely players will have a great time when you transform into burger shop staff to cook and serve customers. Cookin’ Burger is designed with excellent graphics, cute in-game items, and gives players an interesting and wonderful experience through each level.

Blasting Forward With Blockchain Gaming

Cookin’ Burger brings the blockchain-based simulated experience of running a burger shop. Even with its straightforward and intuitive gameplay, a specific learning curve will help players excel at the game.

The game features multiple in-game rewards. To get them, players will need to complete daily missions, join and win weekend events and monthly rankings.

Based on each player’s in-game scores tallied across each season, Cookin’ Burger will distribute DEAPcoin ($DEP) and other in-game rewards.

The most exciting part is that players can also get chances to run their own burger business if they own Shop NFTs.

Otherwise, they can play as burger staff and enjoy the game play. These Shop NFTs are equipped with a variety of upgrades and features, which have an impact on the overall rewards that a player can obtain.

Shop NFTs are a critical component of the Cookin’ Burger ecosystem, and users will have an opportunity to gain early access to a diverse selection of NFT combinations, including categories, ranks, menus, and locations through the upcoming Shop NFT presale.

Change is Coming to The Gaming Market

Kicking off in November 2019, PlayMining is a blockchain-powered platform that is focused on offering users entertainment content such as games and opportunities to earn tokens.

The platform’s core philosophy is “mine while playing,” a form of popular Play-to-Earn model.

The platform allows any playminer – a term referring to players who make a living by earning tokens and doing transactions – to participate in the token generation role just by having a good time, without relying on the power of the machine.

DEA also announced the participation of Japanese IP holders in the PlayMining ecosystem.

Burger Studio CEO Takafumi Kiyota shared his point of view on the partnership:

“PlayMining is a creator-friendly platform, so even a small team like ours was able to enter the market. We have designed this title to embody the dream of ‘running your own restaurant’ through this casual ‘cooking game.’ At the same time, we hope to offer a new ‘play-to-earn’ experience to everyone around the world.”

There are now three games available on PlayMining that were initially developed by the DEA team. Cookin’ Burger is the first project having the involvement of a third-party developer – Burger Studio.

This demonstrates that DEA will be willing to form active collaboration with third-party developers to add more colors to the selection of titles on the PlayMining platform.

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