CryptoDragons — The Real Dragons of the NFT World

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Ethereum based project CryptoDragons has created a huge buzz in the NFT Space. NFT projects are trending these days, with buyers and sellers flocking to pay any price for digital art. They were created to provide artists with ownership rights while easing the burden of arranging seminars and shows.

Because of their rarity and worth, NFTs have become the newest way for wealthy individuals to display their riches. Considering the present situation, several NFT initiatives are being discussed, and CryptoDragons is at the top of this list with great interest from fans.

There is a limited edition of only 10K NFT Eggs available for minting. The Egg illustrations were created through AI algorithms. Each Egg has its own NFT dragon and belongs to the owner right from its minting. Once hatched, Dragon Egg owners will get two NFTs. The first one is the Eggshell, and the second, the NFT dragon. These dragons are both gorgeous and useful.

The process is very logical as it uses a practical approach – 10,000 distinct NFT Eggs. The dragons are distributed randomly, so no one knows which Egg contains the most distinctive dragons, even the developers themselves do not know. Each Egg owner will have the option to “hatch” their dragon from the Egg or retain it as is. Upon completion, the NFT Egg turns into an NFT Eggshell, and a new dragon NFT appears.

Dragon breeding is one of the project’s key features, which leads to the main aim of user revenue sharing. Dragon owners reserve the right to breed their own dragons, either by using one’s own dragons or finding a breeding couple in the marketplace where other owners rent out their dragons for breeding.

There are four dragon classes, with the Legendary class being the most distinct with 25 genes. The site disperses half of the breeding fees to owners of unique dragons.

There is a professional resource distribution method that leads CryptoDragons project supporters to new heights where they earn extra cash. It is proposed that all legendary dragon owners on the platform get 50% of total breeding commissions. Authorized users will also see an in-build wallet that gathers breeding revenue. The user may deposit money into their wallet by following easy procedures on the web page.

The team is working on an iOS and Android app to store and sell their dragons. The project’s sustainability is based on revenue distribution, and “…one would be fortunate if they have a Legendary dragon since it will bring passive revenue…”, as per the CryptoDragons team.

CryptoDragons use the first blockchain battling Arena. The blockchain’s technological capabilities were employed optimally to provide complete traceability, transparency, and security for all operations by combining technology and art. Combat outcomes are heavily influenced by dragon genetics or strength.

Legendary Dragons — The Most Unique and Powerful

Featuring 25 genes, Legendary dragons are the rarest and most precious. They will constantly get half of the platform’s breeding revenue. There are four varieties of dragons under the distinction of a number of genes. Common dragons have 15 genes, Rare dragons have 16-19 genes, Epic dragons have 20-24 genes, and Legendary dragons have precisely 25 genes, making them the most unique.

According to one of the representatives of CryptoDragons, “The fights are the real adrenaline rush. The Arena is a portion of the site devoted to conducting dragon combats, and a dragon owner may join the Arena with any dragon and challenge any other dragon therein.”

Upon agreement, two dragons pay a platform commission before they start fighting. The conflict can only end in a triumph or loss. A special algorithm is used to determine the winner depending on the strength of their dragon.

NFT Dragons Will Come to Life

Developers also designed a Dragon Metaverse that will bring NFT dragons to life. Dragon owners can fully use their NFT dragons and enjoy the Metaverse on iOS and Android.

CryptoDragons Team adds,

Within the Dragon Metaverse, users can generate an infinite number of NFT dragons. Dragons may breed together (except legendary dragons), and the genomes and traits of parental dragons are passed on to their offspring. This achieves a new generation of NFT dragons.

A dragon’s DNA may have up to 12,000 different attributes. It is possible to hatch a Legendary Dragon from the start rather than breeding and collecting all 25 genes. Owners of Legendary Dragons will get 50% of every breeding-generated profit in ETH straight into their wallets.

The Metaverse’s growth continues and allows dragon owners to combat other dragons. A complete Dragon language known as Kassis has also been developed, featuring its own phonetic system and the alphabet.

One can purchase the dragon Egg when it hatches on 25th December. The system generates high-quality  non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using complex algorithms. This is real digital art and shows a clear illustration of how technology meets art. Each dragon picture is generated in high-quality images with 12,000 characteristics. The photographs are high-resolution, so one may zoom in without losing quality.

Breeding, fighting, and other features will be accessible on iOS and Android. One may earn by breeding Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary dragons and selling them on the secondary market. There’s also the option to sell, or exchange dragons won in battle.


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