D Double E and Fumez The Engineer Unleash Tekken 8 Anthem!

D Double E and Fumez The Engineer Unleash Tekken 8 Anthem!

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Hot on the heels of Tekken 8’s electrifying launch on 26 January, the iconic fighting game franchise unveiled its own anthem: “Tekken 8 (The Anthem)” by the legendary grime artist D Double E and master producer Fumez The Engineer. Released by Bandai Namco, you can now listen to this fiery rap track on all major streaming platforms.

Tekken 8 has garnered critical acclaim for its dedication to both seasoned veterans and casual newcomers, offering a diverse range of modes and innovative mechanics. Now, as the franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, D Double E and Fumez The Engineer join the festivities with a track that pays homage to Tekken’s illustrious legacy.

Channelling the long-standing connection between UK rap and fighting games, the artists bring their signature blend of gritty lyricism and infectious beats to create a track that perfectly captures Tekken’s intensity and energy!

Tekken 8 drops fiery rap anthem by D Double E and Fumez The Engineer

To commemorate Tekken’s 30th anniversary, the catchy rap single, Tekken 8 (The Anthem) was accompanied by a video blazing across YouTube and Bandai Namco UK’s X.

Produced by Jahrell Bryan (Fumez the Engineer) and performed by Darren Dixon (D Double E), this powerhouse track delivers punchy lyrics packed with Tekken references, dropping names like Steve Fox, Marshall Law, Jin Kazama, and Xiaoyu like lightning-fast jabs.

D Double E, a grime legend and decades-long rap veteran, teased the project on social media before unleashing this epic collaboration. While Fumez refers to this project as a childhood dream and “goal accomplished”. Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Fumez describes the sound as “a modern drill/grind fusion upbeat,” knowing it needs to stand up to Tekken’s famously high-quality soundtrack.

A screenshot from "D Double E x Fumez The Engineer - Tekken 8 (The Anthem)" YouTube video.

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Credit: Bandai Namco

Bastion’s press release describes Tekken 8 (The Anthem) as “moody and melancholic from the get-go.” While D Double E spits bars centred around Tekken’s iconic roster, Fumez constructs “fluttering arpeggios that contrast with punchy bass throbs”. It’s a captivating blend between two of the UK’s most respected artists.

“Anyone who listens to my music knows I love fighting games, so it just made sense to make a TEKKEN track that hits like a Mishima dragon uppercut!” says D Double E in a statement with Bastion.

“I’ve been a TEKKEN player my whole life and I’m gassed for TEKKEN 8,” explains Fumez The Engineer. “I couldn’t think of a better tag team partner than Double.”

Available on major streaming platforms, Tekken 8 (The Anthem)” is more than just a celebratory track — it’s a testament to the enduring power of Tekken’s storied legacy.

A screenshot from the "D Double E x Fumez The Engineer - Tekken 8 (The Anthem)" YouTube video.

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Credit: Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 continues the gripping Mishima saga, where Kazuya, after defeating Heihachi Mishima in Tekken 7, uses G Corporation’s forces to wage war, forcing Jin Kazama to confront his fate and stop his father’s reign.

Launched on 26 January on the PS5, Xbox, and PC, Tekken 8 leverages the power of new-gen hardware to offer a visually stunning and unforgettable experience.

Tekken holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running video game storyline, boasting eight major instalments and numerous spin-offs. This storied legacy, combined with the inherent complexity of fighting games, can be daunting for newcomers. However, Tekken 8 aims to dispel those fears.

While also retaining the complexity that fighting games are known for, Tekken 8 also places accessibility for players of all skill levels at the forefront, becoming an easy recommendation for those who’ve been waiting to dive into the franchise!

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