Dogecoin 50 Cents

Dogecoin is halfway towards 1 doge = $1 doge, with the meme currency jumping to a new high of 60 cent.

It has risen from 40 cent at midnight in a day long bull run that passed through 50 cent before trying new heights, but came back to 50 cent.

Dogecoin Bull, May 2021

Dogecoin has defied expectations for now weeks, with the crypto rising to top four at a market cap of $71 billion and huge unfiltered trading volumes of $32 billion.

That’s while bitcoin ‘crashes’ to $53,600 and eth is either dipping or ‘crashing’ to $3300 from overtaking $3,500.

Doge on the other hand seems to be chilling, now up to 54 cent, and the only reason seems to be the technoking and dogefather, Elon Musk, will host Saturday Night Live (SNL) this Saturday.

Dogies presumably hope he gone make some doge jokes, and that appears to be enough for the currency to head off to Venus.

Some have criticized SNL’s decision to let Musk host it. “Musk hosting SNL doesn’t so much reflect a moral quandary as it does a shift in the balance of power between the big TV networks and the memes,” says the Atlantic.

He is a billionaire putting solar roofs on cars and sending actual humans to space, as well as plans to go to Mars, but sure he is just a meme.

Cryptos are kind of revolutionizing the art world with SNL even singing a song to NFTs, but sure just a meme.

Bitcoin and eth are getting a whole generation to save, but also learn about code, finance, the pipes that make money go around as well as them glittery big skyscrapers of finance. How stocks work, what the hell is an ETF, who da SEC commisun, vaaat can’t fund startups???, muh superintendend, what you mean the central bank can issue diktat, and much more.

But these very serious things obviously are memes. The only thing real is the opinion of the bought for Harvard overpaid graduate that pretends to know better.

Or maybe some people just hate success, especially the enemies unfriends ‘partners’ of the west.

They must be so jealous that this liberty thing, this freedom stuff, this capitalism private enterprise gets to send men to Mars while keeping them occupied with doge jokes, a joke deadly serious for it is fundamentally a Keynesian type of money.

These people must despise the fact their authoritarianism produces only copy cats. Such cultural icons and embodiments of this age thus, Musk, are ‘controversial’ because the man dares have opinions, he dares to think.

And not just think, but far worse, he inspires! How dare this South African without a bought for Harvard degree give them ambition and interfere with our mind control propaganda of fear terrism, China, the pandemic, Russia, your neighbor and even your cat. Tremble you peasants, for thus spoke Machiavelli and these potatoes can’t come up with anything better in now 500 years.

Well you lost, and you will keep losing, because life loves light. Imagine bring that light to Mars, or to the entire universe. The human force, arguably the highest level of energy, so commanding in the eternal battle to defeat entropy.

And so this imagination takes us to a long time hence where people for some reason are worshiping doge. Telling us perhaps stupid exists and that creativity, that innovation, that originality, that spark of genius is a very rare thing.

It is time we celebrate them. It is time corporate media gets a bit more patriotic and tells us about the good things America is doing or Europe. About some new advanced factory opening, or some nice bridge, or a grand train station, or indeed space station.

Only misers want to go through life hearing only about misery, and corporate media is very miserable. It’s about time they cheered up a bit, get some optimism, stop being so depressed all the time and re re about everything and preach doom like the lunatics in street corners, and be happy you’re alive for once and tell us of all these beautiful things living people are doing.

Celebrate peace, and even Pax-Americana, and wave that flag of liberalism again with ambitions to space and innovation to advance free men.

That’s what arguably doge and the crypto space has done and is doing in a small way perhaps, but it was the only one doing it and so it gets to win. May it keep winning, and may the forth be with this beautiful energy for at least a thousand years.


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