Drake and Stake.com Live Stream Coming Soon

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Stake casino has released more information about the up and coming live stream with their new superstar partner Drake. The hip-hop sensation is set to host a number of live streaming events throughout 2022 with Stake. And the first one, Stake has now revealed, is coming soon.

“Stake & Drake will collaborate to bring an entirely new gaming experience to users, which will include an evening of interactive connectivity where fans and users alike will have a chance to win big along side Drake.”

Stake.com on their live streaming event with Drake

Stake also described the giveaway that will take place during the event will be of a size “unseen before”. And we would not be surprised to see something big from Stake, a casino that continues to surprise and, like with their Drake partnership, go big. 

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Players and Stake fans who want to take part in the live stream event can enter their details now for the chance to play with Drake. Full information on how to take part and the information required can be found at the Stake website here.

Stake, Drake and Twitch

You can expect this upcoming event to take place on Twitch. Twitch is the biggest live streaming platform in the world, and already hosts big name celebrities such as actor Terry Crews, musician Tiesto, and Formula 1 driver Lando Norris. 

Stake casino also welcomes some of the biggest names on Twitch on a regular basis. One of Twitch’s biggest casino streamers Roshtein is a Stake casino fan. Trainwreck and m0E_tv, two massive streamers who largely play FPS games, also visit the cryptocurrency gambling site on stream.

Ninja and Drake teamed up for a stream in 2018
Ninja and Drake teamed up for a stream in 2018

Drake also has some experience with Twitch. In 2018 Drake joined streamer Ninja on the live streaming platform for a game of Fortnite. In the process, they broke Twitch’s record views with over 600,000 concurrent viewers tuning in. Ninja at that time averaged around 70,000 concurrent viewers, so you can see how big the Drake-affect can be. 

Stake will be hoping for a similar reaction when they launch their first live streaming event. 

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