eFootball Season 4 kicks off with a Samba Sensation | TheXboxHub

eFootball Season 4 kicks off with a Samba Sensation | TheXboxHub

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eFootball Season 4 The Carnival VibeeFootball Season 4 The Carnival Vibe
eFootball Season 4 The Carnival Vibe

Ready to head to South America with the latest eFootball season? It’s time for a samba sensation with Season 4 of Konami’s free-to-play eFootball 2024. 

Season 4 is a samba sensation

As a free-to-play footballing experience, Konami have continued to build with eFootball. In fact, with eFootball 2024, we find the franchise in the best place it has ever been. Much of that is due to the plethora of content added to the game. Something which is happening again with the arrival of Season 4 of eFootball. 

Landing today, no matter where you play eFootball, is Season 4: The Carnival Vibe. As you may suspect, it whisks us off to the sunny climes of South America with a host of new log-in bonuses, plenty of events and tons of items. If it’s a samba sensation you are after, you’re getting it here. 

Log-in presents

Season 4 provides a host of free presents just for logging into eFootball.

These will include three Chance Deals for ‘Highlight: Brazil’ players that could see you adding Danilo, Marquinhos, Pedro, Raphael Veiga, and Renan Lodi to your Dream Team.

And in order to leave nothing to chance, “The Carnival Vibe” brings a guaranteed superstar to all users: a free Neymar Jr Highlight card can be claimed by all from day 1 of Season 4.


In the new season, there will be a series of events themed around Brazil, footballing legends, and much more. Each one should give eFootball players plenty of challenges to test and grow their squads.

By completing these events, you could receive up two Chance Deals for ‘Highlight: Brazil’, up to 15,000 GP, and up to 110,000 Exp. Training programme.

To bring “The Carnival Vibe” to their Dream Teams, players can use their chance deals to bring one of three Brazilian players to their squads, or to add their free Neymar Jr card. Further, and to complete the look, they can dress these samba stars in the new eFootball Carnival ’24 kit.

If you haven’t yet grabbed a download of eFootball 2024, then head to the Xbox Store. For free, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you’d be mad to not give it a shot. 

You’ll also find eFootball present on various other digital storefronts. 

Let us know what you think of the new Season 4 content found in eFootball 2024. The comments are below.

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