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Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Just Dumped 25 Trillion Sh.t Tokens On Uniswap

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Vitalik Buterin has dumped 25 trillion SH.T (name of coin) for just $33k on Uniswap.

It appears that Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, isn’t interested in low-performance coins. Some time ago, he received a huge stash of Shiba Inu tokens from the coin’s creator. Vitalik went ahead to burn 90% of them, worth around $6 billion. Now, he just sold off a whole stash of 25 trillion SH.T coins worth just $33k.

Peck Shield Alert caught that Vitalik ETH address sold 25T of Sh.t coins on Uniswap for $33k.

Buterin Received 25 Trillion Coins And Dumped Them All

Apparently, Vitalik received the 25 trillion coins as an airdrop about two months ago. The sell-off could trigger a price crash for the coin as it appears to be a pretty pessimistic dump.

His move could also be a veiled point of view with regard to his recent utterance that scammers in the blockchain industry should be called out. it’s clear that Vitalik Buterin doesn’t like to keep stashes of worthless sh.t coins – especially those with funny names.

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