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Etihad Airways Would Want More Countries Getting on Abu Dhabi’s Green List

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways would want more and more countries to be included in Abu Dhabi’s ‘Green List’. For the unaware, the ‘Green List’ refers to the countries from where passengers can travel to Abu Dhabi and back. Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tony Douglas, said that Etihad Airways had seen a surge in ticket sales as more new countries have been added to Abu Dhabi’s ‘Green List’.

According to a Gulfnews report, speaking at a Centre for Aviation (CAPA) event, Douglas said, “What we’ve observed here in Abu Dhabi is every time a country goes on to the green list, within the following week, our sales go up anywhere between 3 per cent and 600 per cent.”

Douglas said that this should be a signal for everyone to understand the kind of demand there is for air travel on certain routes.

Etihad Airways Had The Best Month In July

Etihad Airways saw its best business month to be July in the last year. In July, the airline recorded an average load factor of over 40% as compared to 25% in early 2021.

Douglas said that this was helped by the, “vaccination curves increasing in many countries (along with) the slight easing in travel restrictions that follows.”

As per the new rules, passengers who are completely vaccinated won’t even have to go under a mandatory quarantine when they arrive in Abu Dhabi. This can be considered as one of the biggest game-changers since people won’t have to spend money and time on going under two full weeks quarantine.

Etihad will soon resume flight operations to Saudi Arabia as well. This will further add to the growth in the business of Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways promises a lot of luxury, hygiene, and, most of all, a safe flight experience to any passenger that travels with the airline. The future of air travel looks good, with the vaccination curve going up in almost every country.


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