EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, India’s premier new media arts festival, is back in March 2022, in a digital avatar

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Unique in its intersection of Indian and global art, culture and technology, EyeMyth Festival explores present and future cases of immersive storytelling and new media. It brings together young creative professionals, artists and performers from India, South Asia & the Global Media Arts space.

The 2022 edition of the festival brings together creative professionals from around the world to create an environment of learning, skill building and showcasing with prime examples from Indie gaming and media arts industries. This year brings back the second edition of the Massive Mixer Conference, the
centerpiece of the festival programming.

With support from various institutional partners, the festival will feature a delegation of experts from the U.K., Switzerland, Russia, China, Sri Lanka and India addressing themes of creative practice, processes, and challenges for media artists through free workshops, talks and showcases.

Massive Mixer- The Virtual Conference

The Massive Mixer conference will address key themes of speculative futures, digital heritage, mental health & art, new media & social justice, decentralized art and the nft boom, indo futurism and indie gaming.

Indie Game Arena

The Indie Game Arena features a programme focused on addressing some key questions for enthusiasts and professionals in the Indie games industry.

-Indie Game chats (conversations between industry experts on all things gaming)
-Talks premiered during the Indie Game focus week (14th-20th March)
-Gamification for Mental Health masterclasses (knowledge sharing workshops)
-Campfire i.e a networking opportunity for game developers and media artists

Media Arts Hub

The Media Arts Hub features a targeted programme that addresses key considerations for experienced creators and interested audiences including a podcast series, talks, workshops and project showcases.

FIG: A Gif Showcase

Incubated at the EyeMyth Festival 2019, FIG is back for its second edition in 2022. Selected artworks will be showcased on the website + win cash prizes.

Community Showcases

The community Showcase features projects that are important in furthering the conversation on the value of creative tech expressions.

The 2022 partners are – The British Council, Australian Consulate General, Asialink Arts, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, Goethe and Wellcome Trust.

EyeMyth was created in the Indian digital subculture scene in 2011; originating as a celebration of visual music at the UnBox Festival in New Delhi. Today, it is a media arts festival that exemplifies a juxtaposition of Indian and global artists with a focus on progressive media. EyeMyth brings together performers, experts and explorers at the forefront of creative technological fields.

Past editions have showcased diversity in approaches and techniques from established and emerging artists from around the world, and in collaboration with renowned festival platforms and institutions such as Japan Media Arts Festival, Red Bull Music Academy, Indian School Of Design and Innovation and
Gizmodo India to consistently bring fresh insights into the world of technology and art. It has also held memorable collaborations with the British Council, Goethe Institut, and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council through its previous editions

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