Florida Judge Strikes Out The Request For New Trial Against Craig Wright

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From the situation surrounding the estate case of David Kleiman and Craig Wright, there is no possibility for a new trial. Though an Australian computer programmer, Craig Wright is reputable for his disputed claims as Bitcoin’s inventor.

On Monday, Beth Bloom, the Florida judge presiding over the case, denied the request from Ira Kleiman’s attorneys for a new trial. The judge mentioned that it’s mainly due to going against a court order while avoiding talking about the problematic relationship between Kleiman and his brother. Ira Kleiman is the brother of Dave, Wright’s deceased friend, and partner.

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Kleiman has sued Wright in a court in Florida on behalf of Dave’s estate. He alleged that Wright stole his brother’s measurable portion of the intellectual property that the two partners developed together.

The claims included some bitcoin tokens, which the brother was supposedly mined with Wright, and the Bitcoin IP. Moreover, Kleiman mentioned that the two partners flagged W&K Info Defense Research, a developing and mining bitcoin business firm.

However, through his attorneys, Craig Wright has tried to persuade the jury negatively about the company. He said that Craig Wright is pointing out that the company is a failed move from his ex-wife and Dave in soliciting software development from the government.

The Jury’s Rule On Craig Wright Case

However, the attempt was successful. It took five weeks in the courtroom, debating the twisted relationship of Wright and the Kleiman family. Part of the cases also touched Wright’s legal problems with the Australian Taxation Office. The jury ruled all the charges in favor of Craig Wright except for one.

Wright was pronounced guilty of intellectual property theft by the jury. He was mandated to pay damages of $100 million to W&K.

However, the jury’s verdict never dealt in any way on the topic and claimed from Wright as the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. So, there was no conclusive verification for the real identity of the anonymous BTC creator.

Florida Judge Strikes Out The Request For New Trial Against Craig Wright
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Despite the Kleiman family’s lawyers being initially comfortable with the jury’s pronounce, they seem to have recently had a rethink. The reason for pushing for a new trial on January 4 is that Wright’s attorneys used the unpleasant relationship between Ira and Dave to twist the jury.

Conversely, the court has struck out the demand because the plaintiff has unconvincing and inadequate reasons for seeking a retrial.

The Florida judge, Bloom, mentioned that there was no objection from Kleiman’s lawyers during the court’s interrogative section on the relationship between the two brothers.

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Kleiman’s lead attorney, Vel Freedman, said their next step would be to move for an appeal over judge Bloom’s ruling. Moreover, the lawyer mentioned that the charge of $100 million could be raised to $140 million once there’s approval on Kleiman’s addition of prejudgment interest.

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