Forest Farm: VR Farming Sim Gets Oculus Quest, PC VR Launch Next Month

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VR farming sim Forest Farm is ready to jump out of early access and into a full release on Oculus Quest via App Lab and PC VR.

The relaxing title from Tonic Games Australia will arrive on November 3 for $10. The early access version of the game originally arrived earlier this year, and the studio has spent the past few months adding to it. Check out the trailer below.

Forest Farm aims to bring the peaceful simplicity of games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley to VR. In the single-player experience, you grow fruits and vegetables and pick them to sell. By selling items and completing quests, you can earn gold to upgrade equipment or purchase new seeds and animals.

Other features in the game let you ride a cart pulled by a horse, chop down trees with an ax and set up fences. Think of these as a more meditative VR experience than a demanding game. If you’re interested in it then you might also want to check out the excellent A Township Tale.

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