Genesis Pool’s first IDO: DEPO

“An investment grade, decentralized, multi-market aggregator and trading terminal where users can trade, store and manage an entire portfolio of digital assets across multiple platforms and multiple markets, all from a single decentralized interface.”

If you’ve read the above and are finding yourself confused, no worries! Let’s break down some of the key terms and make it simple:

Investment grade:

The DePo platform will provide users with the trading instruments and instant liquidity access that they need to manage their digital assets, at a level suited for professional and/or institutional class investments.


We believe in giving users full control in managing their wealth, in a manner that avoids the locks and limitations ordinarily imposed by centralized financial service providers. DePo is non-custodial. Your keys, your coins, your business. Our platform does not impose any KYC (know your customer) requirements, while allowing users to untap the full potential of platforms that do.

Multi-market aggregator:

No longer will users be forced to manage their digital assets on a handful of platforms. DePo consolidates all major centralized & decentralized exchanges, NFT markets, and also decentralized smart-contract driven applications (dApps) under a single unified platform. DePo also allows users to untap the power of liquidity routing to ensure that they always get the best deal within the entire global cryptocurrency market on all trades.

Any successful project always begins by identifying a set of challenges that need to be overcome. A good starting place to understand DePo is to first understand the exact problem(s) that DePo is aiming to solve.

Cryptocurrency: A Fractured Landscape

If you’ve been around the cryptocurrency space, then you’re probably well aware of the current landscape. Competing networks, thousands of tokens, a plethora of decentralized applications, and more centralized exchanges than you can count. To put it simply, the cryptocurrency space of today is fractured and suffers from a huge lack of interoperability. The jungle of choices leads users to limit themselves to a few select platforms, and the end result is that they become incapable of taking the full advantage of opportunities in the space — DePo is here to change that! DePo aims to consolidate the fractured landscape under one roof, to bring interoperability to cryptocurrency investing and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology and decentralized finance for its users.

Mass Adoption: Dream Or Reality?

There is no denying that the cryptocurrency space has seen massive growth, especially in 2021. More and more institutions and banks are stepping foot into the cryptocurrency market, and the days when cryptocurrency is mentioned in media and news headlines are becoming more frequent. And yet, mass adoption of cryptocurrency still seems an elusive topic ever so far away. Why? We believe the answer lies in the fact that users are bottlenecked by the aforementioned jungle of platforms, networks, protocols, wallets, and exchanges. Retail investors are required to spend a significant amount of time understanding technicalities, doing research, and scouting the landscape only to settle on a handful of choices simply because they are not aware of everything that is out there. The cryptocurrency space is in a desperate need of a new kind of service provider that is capable of bridging the chasm and unifying everything in one place. Convenience and ease-of-access are the keys to lowering the barrier for those looking to enter the cryptocurrency world. Here at DePo we are striving to become the leading platform to simplify and bring it all together while supporting the movement for cryptocurrency mass adoption.

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