Genshin Impact Venti Birthday Takes New York Times Square by Storm

Genshin Impact Venti Birthday Takes New York Times Square by Storm

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Genshin fans worldwide are celebrating the birthday of Genshin Impact’s beloved free-spirited, wine-loving bard, and Anemo Archon, Venti!

The birthdays of beloved Genshin Impact characters have always been momentous occasions, bringing fans together in celebration. These special events not only serve as a reminder of the profound impact these characters have had on the game’s community but also showcase the creativity and dedication of fans worldwide. From grand billboard displays in bustling city centres to heartfelt fanart projects, the passion and love for these characters are on full display!

This time, fans have come together to organise an ambitious screening project for Venti’s birthday on a large billboard in New York’s Times Square, reminiscent of Xiao’s birthday celebration just a couple of months ago in April.

Genshin Impact Venti Birthday Screening Project in New York

The endearing eccedentesiast Anemo Archon, who regularly drowns his sorrows with dandelion wine, has captured the hearts of countless fans since his appearance in the story’s Prologue. This will be Venti’s third birthday since the release of the game.

A screenshot of the official Genshin Impact Venti birthday art (2023)

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Credit: HoYoverse on twitter

Official Genshin Impact Venti birthday art (2023)

As usual, HoYoverse released a birthday art post that garnered a lot of love from the Genshin community.

Today, a touching birthday project came to fruition on a large screen in New York’s Times Square, showcasing stunning Venti birthday fanart at regular intervals.

The schedule of the projection screening is as follows (EST):

  • June 15, 1:30-1:35 PM, 11:50-11:55 PM
  • June 16, 12:10-12:15 AM, 1:30-1:35 AM

Venti’s birthday is also prevalent in other parts of the world! In Korea, an adorable birthday cafe event is being held; adorned with Venti-themed decorations, framed fanart, and cardboard cutouts.

While in China, Venti has appeared on numerous billboards in subway stations.

Typically, Genshin Impact’s official birthday billboard advertising has taken place in Hangzhou, on a large screen located on the side of a shopping mall in Hubin Yintai.

However, fans have always taken matters into their own hands to express their love and appreciation for their favourite characters in extraordinary ways. Apart from this year’s New York Times Square screening project, on Klee’s first birthday, she was projected onto the side of the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles!

This goes to show the profound love and appreciation that the Genshin community holds for their favourite characters.

If you’re interested in all the upcoming birthdays in 2023, be sure to check out our comprehensive birthday calendar available here, along with potential future character banners!

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