Get creative with Miniland Adventure on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch | TheXboxHub

Get creative with Miniland Adventure on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch | TheXboxHub

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Miniland Adventure is on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

There are many games that let you just get on with it, doing what you will, when you want to. But perhaps none of them have done it on the scale of Miniland Adventure on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is Miniland Adventure. You’ll also find it kicking around on the digital storefronts of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

A world awaits

Priced at £9.19, Miniland Adventure does very much what it says on the tin. It allows you the chance to jump into a little adventure, doing whatever you want to, whenever you fancy it. Creating the world around you, in Miniland Adventure you’ll begin with just the smallest patch of land. From there, tiles expand your space, until you discover that your miniland has become an ever-evolving place of worth. 

It’s the tile system in Miniland Adventure that helps things move forward, with various biomes ready to be utilised. From the deserts to the forests, the cutting of trees and mining of precious metals, it’s the resources of Miniland Adventure that are key. Utilise those and your journey will be forever forward facing, taking you underground in search of more treasure. 

But you’ll also be left to fight back against monsters, to spend time farming and to go trading with your nearest and dearest. Not so much a Miniland Adventure thenm, eh?

Features include

  • CREATING THE WORLD – Everyday you receive a bunch of biome tiles, that you can place wherever you want! There are multiple biomes in the game, including: different forests, desert, grassland, snow land, savanna, highland and more!
  • COLLECTING RESOURCES AND CRAFTING – You can collect tons of resources from cutting trees, mining metals, looting mobs as well as crafting tons of more items!
  • MINING AND CRAFTING NEW TOOLS – Ascend into the underground to explore dark caves and mine precious materials! With better materials comes better tools; axes, pickaxes, swords, slingshot, paintbrush and more!
  • BUILDING AND DECORATING – With different types of wood to craft floors, walls, fences and various decorations, you can build your dream house and the surrounding. FARMING Have you ever grown a broccoli, asparagus or radishes? Maybe you were breeding alpacas, ostriches or chasing racoons? Whether you did or not, you can in Miniland Adventure!
  • FIGHTING WITH MONSTERS – The darkness brings monsters. Will you be able to battle them, or you will just fight for your life?
  • TRADING WITH GOBLINS – You’ll find defenseless goblins around the world, will you build houses for them to access profitable trades with unique items?

Up for a Miniland Adventure?

You can head off on your Miniland Adventure right now. The Xbox Store plays host to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S download you need. Alternatively, find the game on PlayStation and Switch

If you need a review, hold tight – ours is coming. 

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Miniland Adventure Game Description

Miniland Adventure is a game where you can do anything you want to! Of course you will still need to eat something from time to time, but beside that, there are no restrictions! You start with a small patch of land, that with time you can expand by yourself with biome tiles which you receive every day. In no time, you will find yourself in a big and pretty house with a farm beside, crafting new tools and exploring caves.

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