GroundUp Studios Launches Creative Council of Producers to Accelerate Web3 Music and Art in Asia

GroundUp Studios Launches Creative Council of Producers to Accelerate Web3 Music and Art in Asia

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  • Award-winning producers Derrick Sepnio, Fergus Chow and Jae Chong join Creative Council – with more to come
  • Creative Council’s main goal is to support member community in their music career development
  • Producers aim to share professional tips on the music industry; provide insights and mentorship on music creation and production; identify and recruit member artists for potential collaborations and more

HONG KONG, May 17, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – GroundUp Studios, a forward-thinking, web3-focused music label today announced its Creative Council of professional veterans in the music industry, to accelerate the pace of web3 music and art creation among its community members. As part of the announcement, Derrick Sepnio, Fergus Chow and Jae Chong will become GroundUp Studios’ first wave of award-winning producers to support the label’s community of songwriters and musicians in their career development.

GroundUp Studios’ Creative Council will house award-winning producers Derrick Sepnio (L), Fergus Chow (M) and Jae Chong (R)

GroundUp Studios’ vision is to shine a light on the impressive pool of musical and artistic talent in the region. It plans to build a comprehensive web3 ecosystem using NFTs as an access pass, to attract NFT art investors; technology enthusiasts; music and art lovers; songwriters; producers; and artists of all disciplines. As members socialize and connect, GroundUp believes that this would inspire new artistic ideas, allowing them to re-imagine the music and art they are capable of creating.

Fast-tracking Web3 Music and Art With The Creative Council

The Creative Council is GroundUp’s longer term plan to bridge undiscovered and independent artists with top-tier industry professionals in music and art. The main responsibilities of Council producers are to connect and socialize with the label’s community members; pass on valuable knowledge about music creation and production; and generally broaden their artistic horizons by sharing great music within the community. As working professionals, the producers will also keep a close eye on emerging talent within the GroundUp community, and eventually find ways to collaborate directly with them.

GroundUp’s trio of producers represent some of the most seasoned and in-demand veterans working currently in Asia. Working closely with GroundUp, the producers will evaluate opportunity gaps in the traditional music industry and develop trailblazing initiatives and projects that will shape the future of digital art and music.

“GroundUp Studios is honored to work with Derrick, Fergus and Jae – arguably three of the best producers in Asia – to re-imagine music and art using web3 technology,” said Adrian Fu, co-founder and Creative Director. “In our view, web3 is not purely about technology; rather, we see it as a new way and attitude towards the creation and monetization of music and art. I look forward to working closely with the producers to evolve music from an artistic, commercial and technological standpoint. This will ultimately deliver unique experiences for lovers of new music and art.”

Producer Profiles & Quotes

About Derrick Sepnio

Derrick is a celebrated producer, guitarist and artist across Asia. A 7-time winner of the prestigious Golden Melody Awards, Sepnio is a producer in high demand especially in Greater China. In his career, he has worked with some of the biggest artists including Eason Chan, Sandy Lam, Khalil Fong, Karen Mok, JJ Lin to name a few. He has played over 1,000 concerts, and produced and recorded over 500 albums and is often a regular guest on China’s music-related TV shows.


“I look forward to working with GroundUp Studios. In my view, technological innovation always inspires individuals and communities to discover new ways of doing things. Invariably, web3 will inject excitement and new energy into music – regardless of the commerciality of the product. I am confident that my experience as a producer and performer in the industry, combined with the creativity and ingenuity of our artist and their community of fans will lead to some great things!”

About Fergus Chow

Fergus is one of Greater China’s pre-eminent producers and Musical Directors. He has led headline tours with Khalil Fong, Gin Lee, ALin, Tia Ray and others. As a performer, he has toured extensively, performing for artists like Faye Wong, Sandy Lam, Karen Mok, Li Rong-Hao. His production credits are equally impressive, having produced for ALin, Coco Lee, Fiona Sit, Karen Mok among others.


“This is an exciting time for music and the arts. Web3 transforms the dynamics of the recording industry, and deepens the transactional relationship between fan and artist. To the artist, this means greater creative, commercial and monetary control, as well as more sustainable careers. Furthermore, new generation social media platforms are empowering truly borderless connections and collaborations, opening up limitless possibilities in artistic output. I look forward to working with GroundUp’s fans and artists – the sky’s the limit!”

About Jae Chong

Jae is an acclaimed producer, musician and entrepreneur who began his career in Korea, as one of the founding members of SOLID. The band was the first R&B group to reach over 4 million in unit sales. Jae then launched Taiwan’s first hip-hop entertainment group, MACHI Entertainment, and was the first Korean-American producer to receive awards from Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards in 2005 and 2006. His portfolio of artist collaborations is incredibly wide, including Coco Lee, Stanley Huang, Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao and more. Jae brings extensive industry connections in Korea, Taiwan and the US.


“I’m excited to work with GroundUp Studios to explore the potential of web3 applications in music. I believe web3 will bring about greater transparency to the music industry and equity to artists. As someone who lives in the US with networks there and across Asia, I’m particularly interested in using web3 to build organic relationships between artists in these countries, facilitate connections and ideas to bring projects to life.”

About GroundUp Studios

GroundUp is a forward-thinking, web3-focused music organization that views music and art in a brand new light. We aspire to empower #ExtraOrdinaryArt and artists, by creating a borderless space for creators to connect, collaborate and monetize. We do so by capitalizing on rapidly transforming technologies, economics and consumer/artist dynamics.

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