Honkai Star Rail: Best Hook team comps

Honkai Star Rail: Best Hook team comps

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Honkai: Star Rail has a vast roster of 4-star characters that are widely accessible to all players as you pull for different characters in the game. These characters tend to have a lower power level than their 5-star counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t succeed with the right investment. Despite being 4-star characters, they can still output some great damage numbers and clear most of the content in the game. Hook is a Fire Destruction character, able to dish out some great damage while staying healthy. Here’s our guide on the best team comps for Hook in Honkai: Star Rail.

Asta is a 4-star Fire Destruction character and can be obtained on any of the Warp Banners. Like with any 4-star character, Hook will occasionally receive a rate-up on Character Event Warp banners, increasing the likelihood that you summon her while pulling. This can happen during any Character Event Warp banner, so check carefully to see if the current banner features a rate-up for Hook. Read on to see some of the best team comps for Hook in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Hook best team comps

Honkai Star Rail Hook Character Closeup

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Hook is a Fire Destruction character and can function as a tanky unit or your main DPS character. Hook can deal strong single-target Fire DMG and is a good alternative to Himeko for situations where AoE damage is not as effective. As a Destruction character, Hook is capable of dishing out most of the damage while also staying healthy herself. Here are some of Hook’s best team comps in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Hook / Bronya / Pela / Natasha or Bailu: This composition buffs Hook in numerous ways. Bronya will provide offensive buffs to Hook, such as ATK and Crit DMG, while Pela can shred the enemy DEF. Both will help Hook deal more damage. Pela also can increase Effect Hit Rate as she levels up her Traces, which increases the Burn DMG from Hook as well. Natasha and Bailu are good healers for the team, but you can also replace them with characters like March 7th or Gepard depending on the content.
  • Hook / Asta / Bronya / healer: This composition replaces Pela with Asta to add another Fire unit on the team, which makes this team even deadlier against bosses weak to Fire. Asta also provides an ATK and SPD buff, so she contributes to Hook’s personal damage as well.
  • Hook / Tingyun / Bronya / healer: This composition is for classic hypercarry teams, buffing Hook’s damage with Tingyun and Bronya.

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