How to co-stream the PC Gaming Show on June 11

How to co-stream the PC Gaming Show on June 11

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The PC Gaming Show returns on June 11, featuring two hours of never-before-seen game trailers, announcements, and interviews. 

For anyone that streams, no matter the size of your channel, we’d be delighted for you to host the show for your community. Tuning in to watch, whether on one of PC Gamer’s channels, or that of your favorite content creator, helps this PC-focused event keep doing what it does. 

How to co-stream the PC Gaming Show

Partnering with PC Gamer

Partnering with us isn’t a requirement in order to co-stream the show, but we’d love to provide you with some support for your stream.

If you’d like to be a partnered streamer for 2023’s PC Gaming Show, please fill out this short form (opens in new tab). We’ll provide you with a press kit, visual assets for your stream, and information to help you get the most out of the PC Gaming Show as a content and co-streaming opportunity.

Technical setup: How to run a co-stream

Whether you’re streaming on Twitch or YouTube, setting up a co-stream begins the same way on the back end. Within the sources section of your streaming software, add a new Browser Source (OBS) or Webpage (XSplit). 

The easiest sources to access are likely Twitch and YouTube, so to capture the show’s Twitch feed or head to and grab the feed there once its live.

Note: If you’re streaming from Twitch, be sure to add the “Co-stream” tag before going live. 

Once you’ve locked in your source of choice, you’ll probably need to resize the new source window to make it fit snugly within your existing streaming layout. Be sure to balance your audio levels, too. 

And that’s it! Enjoy the show, assuming you’re on time. Do make sure to check the schedule below, just in case.

When is the PC Gaming Show streaming? 

Sunday, June 11 2023

Start time
1 pm PT
4 pm ET
9 pm GMT

(Find your local time on Worldtimebuddy (opens in new tab))

2 hours (plus a 30-minute pre-show)

YouTube (opens in new tab)
Facebook (opens in new tab)

Thanks for helping us spread the good word about our favorite platform. 

Who’s co-streaming the PC Gaming Show?

Here are some of the streamers who’ve signed up to stream the PC Gaming Show this year, in case you’re interested in watching it along with them.

Time Stamp:

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