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How To Level Up In Arcane Lineage – Not As Easy As You’d Think! – Droid Gamers

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As the name suggests, Arcane Lineage is a game that can be fairly obtuse at times, even when it comes to the simplest mechanics. For some players, even knowing how to level up in Arcane Lineage can be a vexing puzzle to solve.

Arcane Lineage is a turn-based RPG in the Roblox ecosystem. It drops players into the middle of a fantasy open world and lets them adventure with little guidance. A rare thing indeed in modern gaming. While this aspect of the game can be appealing, it can also lead to roadblocks, an early example being figuring out the game’s levelling system. In this guide, we’ll walk you through it.

Arcane Lineage is free to play right now via Roblox. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to get Lineage Shards in Arcane Lineage.

How To Level Up In Arcane Lineage

Rather than simply gaining experience points from combat and levelling up once you have enough, Arcane Lineage puts its own spin on things. Some aspects of it system are similar, though. Instead of experience points, you gather a resource called Essence, which drops from every enemy you defeat. The amount of Essence you can hold at one time is limited by your level, so if you don’t notice an increase after a battle, it means you’ve reached your cap.

Travelling To The Soul Corridor

In order to exchange your Essence for levels, you need to travel to a special location known as the Soul Corridor. Around the circle in the centre of Caldera Town there are four rugs. Stand on one and a prompt to ‘Meditate’ by pressing the M key will appear. Do so, wait a few seconds, and you’ll be warped to the Soul Corridor.

The Soul Corridor looks like a traditional church, and it features three different NPCs you can speak to. The one we’re interested in is Aretim, Raphion’s Servant, the glowing orb of light at the head of the church. Speak to him, and you’ll be offered the chance to level up by handing over a certain amount of Essence. This amount, naturally, increases each time you level up.

Once you level up, you’ll be able to allocate three points to your various stats as you see fit. When you’re done, you can press M again to leave the Soul Corridor and return to Caldera Town. You’ll need to repeat this process each time you want to level up.

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