How to solve the last section of the Built for Rails shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

How to solve the last section of the Built for Rails shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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If you go slightly southeast of the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can come across the Jiukoum Shrine, which also goes by the name Built for Rails. This shrine centers around attaching slabs together and riding them across rails to the other side. The first two sections of the shrine shouldn’t give you too much trouble, but the third and final one very well might. Getting past this last puzzle requires good knowledge of physics and weight distribution to make the perfect makeshift cable car. If you find yourself stuck on this section and need some help, feel free to read further.

What to do to clear the final Built for Rails puzzle

Part of the key to this puzzle involves making sure that your contraption is big enough to fit through both rails at the same time while remaining small enough so that the nearby fans can push it up the initial incline. Start by attaching two of the smaller slabs to both sides of the larger slab. You need to angle both of the smaller slabs perpendicularly to the larger slab before attaching them. Next, flip over your structure so that the smaller slabs point downward before slipping them through both rails. With the structure now suspended, attach the three fans to its backside. Make sure to attach at least one of the fans to the longer slab at the top, preferably in the middle.

The first time I cleared this puzzle, I managed to clear the incline but ran into a problem. Midway through, the two rails transition into a single rail in the middle, which nearly caused my newly-made cable car to topple over. Fortunately, the structure stayed just level enough to get me to the end. But it turns out that I got lucky, as my attempts to recreate this setup did not go nearly as well.

In a future attempt, I tried attaching another small slab right in the center so that it could slip through the single rail partway through. That turned out to be the right solution, as the middle slab managed to keep the cable car stable when transitioning to the single rail so that it could coast smoothly to the end. Although the Built for Rails shrine undoubtedly accounts for alternate solutions due to Tears of the Kingdom’s freeform nature, this definitely seems like the intended solution. You can look at the picture below for reference.

Tears Of The Kingdom Rails Shrine Puzzle Solution

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