Huge new update comes to My Time at Sandrock | TheXboxHub

Huge new update comes to My Time at Sandrock | TheXboxHub

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My Time At Sandrock New Year Better Me – Xbox and PlayStation Update

The cozy life sim, My Time at Sandrock is getting a massive update on Xbox and PlayStation. And it’s getting it today.

The ‘New Year, Better Me’ update is already available on PC but is now live on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Players will get to experience new weapons, a roguelike endgame dungeon, fairground rides and lots more. 

To celebrate, developers Pathea and PM Studios have released an overview video that runs through all the update’s new content. 

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New features coming to My Time at Sandrock

  • Say hello to the Keyboard Sword! Experience new quests, weapons and hairstyles designed in collaboration with My Time at Sandrock Kickstarter backers. This new content offers increased character customisation options (ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre), more combat choices and two new emotionally impactful questlines.
  • Roguelike endgame dungeon named Dead Sea Ruins, located in Lab 7, will test the combat skills of even the most hardened adventurer.
  • Roller Coaster and Merry-Go-Round activities in the Catori World theme park. 
  • NPC Cooking and Repeatable Daily Side Quests – Cook delicious dishes with your partner in-game and embark on daily missions.
  • Letter system which allows players to receive in-game mail from their parents and photos from certain NPCs which are added as memorable moments in the in-game story album. 
  • Magic Mirror planting system which allows builders to more easily manage harvesting, watering and other agricultural actions.

Plenty of other improvements

The update brings us 50 quality of life improvements and bug fixes. These range from adding a v-sync toggle graphics options to ensuring characters blink in a more realistic fashion. 

Pathea are promising plenty more impactful updates for My Time At Sandrock. Including seasonal content, through 2024 across consoles and PC. And if you want to know more about the game, check out our exclusive interview with the Game Director on Sandrock and My Time At Portia. They happily took us through the adventures that await. 

If you haven’t played the game yet – why not? Check out our review of My Time At Sandrock on Xbox to see what you’ve been missing. 

If you’re tempted to give the game a try, it’s up on the Xbox Store and will set you back £34.99. You’ll also find My Time At Sandrock on PS5 and PC. 

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