Idexo Raises $3.35M Before Launch, Exciting Staking Pools Underway

  • Idexo raised $3.35 million in token sales before its launch.
  • The funds were raised in succession via two events.
  • The events were an IDO launch sale and a Token Generation Event.

The technology stack — Idexo, known to empower creative entrepreneurs in building industry-disrupting apps, is excited to say that it has raised $3.35 million via token sales before its launch.

In detail, Idexo held two significant token sale events one after another. The first is an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) made to sell its native token. This event saw nearly $800,000 in funds. The second event was the ‘stealth launch’ of its Token Generation Event (TGE).

The raging success of both events in quick succession all but proved the massive interest in Idexo and its offerings. With this API, users can integrate NFTs as well as NFT market features onto their apps and games. It is made possible simply with the presence of a few lines of code.

Idexo’s native token — $IDO, brings in a mechanism that incentivizes the core team along with community development on the roadmap. The maximum supply of this token is 100 million. Out of this, the initial circulating supply is 5.5 million. To add on, the IDO’s initial circulating market cap is $2.2 million or a diluted market cap amounting to $40 million.

After the grand TGE, $IDO sees a monthly emission of 1.8% to 3.5%. Almost 60 million tokens will be out by July 2023. As of now, tokens are distributed to launch sale participants. In addition, vesting contracts will be set in motion for private sale amounts.

Furthermore, in line with $IDO tokenomincs, other distributions will also roll out. Interested parties can access $IDO statistics on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, LunarCRUSH, and others. Lastly, $IDO trading is available on Uniswap.   

Most excitingly, members of the community will soon enjoy General Staking Pool with $USDT as a reward token. This will be available from October 15 onwards. To specify, holders staking $IDO will receive $USDT in reward distributions.

Looking forward, users can partake in Directional Staking Pools and stake on a particular roadmap direction. This will offer greater $USDT rewards if the direction goes forth. Likewise, if the direction underperforms then it will offer fewer rewards. Finally, all stakers will gain an NFT that will ultimately create access to multiple other features.


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