Industry-Specific IoT Solutions from Mindtree

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Mindtree, a global technology services company will expand its relationship with digital workflow expert ServiceNow. As a partner for ServiceNow Connected Operations, Mindtree will build industry solutions that help enterprises turn data from their IoT-infrastructure into actionable business workflows.Industry-Specific IoT Solution

Manufacturing and consumer goods companies hope to make better use of the data generated through multiple platforms and legacy operational technology (OT) systems. Often, they have to work around operational and data silos between OT and IT. In addition, there is lack of common processes and tools in floor systems, and an inability to bring all data into a single system of record.

Mindtree’s solutions allow these companies to gain greater visibility across the enterprise, mitigate risk, reduce cost, harness a single source of truth for collaborative decision-making, and leverage advanced analytics, data insights, simulation and modelling for better evaluation of their value chains.

The true transformative potential of data can be realised only by using it effectively,

said Alex Nicholas, Vice President and Head of ServiceNow Business at Mindtree.

Siloed data and disconnected systems can undermine the best of IoT programs. The capabilities of Mindtree NxT alongside ServiceNow and their dedicated Connected Operations team position us well to help enterprises better manage critical infrastructure, deliver superior customer experiences, and drive customer loyalty.

Across industries, businesses realize the need for digital workflows to deliver greater operational efficiencies and better customer outcomes,

said Jonathan Sparks, Vice President of IoT and Operations Products at ServiceNow.

Together with Mindtree, we’re helping move customers in manufacturing and consumer goods beyond dashboards to automate issue resolution with IoT. Combining Mindtree’s powerful IoT, AI and Machine Learning capabilities with ServiceNow’s leading workflow platform will improve decision-making and drive smart operations while helping customers realize new business outcomes based on business-relevant insights.

Author: Rainer ClaaßenIndustry-Specific IoT Solution
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