'INVERSE' is a 4v1 Survival Horror for Quest, Free Early Access Now Live

‘INVERSE’ is a 4v1 Survival Horror for Quest, Free Early Access Now Live

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INVERSE, a multiplayer survival horror unveiled by MassVR, has launched into early access on Quest. Be the monster, or the agents working together to restore power to the facility.

In this 4v1 asymmetric game, players can choose to be the Agents, working together to restore control terminals, or take on the role of the Nul monster, seeking to corrupt and disable unsuspecting victims—so basically Dead by Daylight, but for VR.

During its early access period on Quest, which is now available for free through Quest App Lab, there are currently two multiplayer maps and one single player challenge map available, which includes the ability to play as one of the ‘Reaper’ monsters.

The studio says at the game’s full release, which is slated to come in Fall 2023, INVERSE will up the player count to five Agents and two playable monsters, with more content promised in the future.

Early Access is free, although the studio says the price will increase at full release. Check out the announcement trailer below, which was released during UploadVR’s Summer Showcase.

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