• Invesco Galaxy reduced the Sponsor Fee for its Bitcoin ETF from 0.39% to 0.25%.
  • Invesco Galaxy’s amended S-1 filing for a Spot Ethereum ETF includes a 0.25% Sponsor Fee.
  • Invesco Galaxy partners with Galaxy Asset Management to enhance digital asset ETF offerings.

Invesco Galaxy has announced a drop in the Sponsor Fee for its Bitcoin ETF, reducing the overall expense ratio from 0.39% to 0.25%. This 14 basis point reduction is a planned move to make their product more competitive in the fast growing market for bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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Invesco will continue to waive BTCO’s entire fee on assets up to $5 billion for the first six months of operations. This basically brings BTCO’s overall expenditure ratio to 0 basis points, with a choice to extend the fee waiver further.

Despite missing the initial deadline of July 8, Invesco Galaxy submitted their revision on the morning of July 9. The S-1 filing details the ETF’s financial structure, with a unified Sponsor Fee of 0.25% per year for the QETH Ethereum ETF.

According to the S-1 amendment, ‘The Trust will pay the Sponsor a unified fee of 0.25% per annum as compensation for services performed under the Trust Agreement.’ This cost will be accrued daily and paid monthly in arrears in US dollars. The administrator will determine the fee using the Trust’s total net assets.

To cover expenses, the sponsor or its delegate will direct the execution agent to convert the Trust’s Ethereum holdings into US dollars. The paperwork states that the Trust is not responsible for paying any costs associated with the transfer of ether to or from the Trust in connection with paying the Sponsor Fee or in connection with creation and redemption transactions.

Invesco Galaxy’s fee reductions and strategic actions in the cryptocurrency ETF industry demonstrate its commitment to offering competitive and cost-effective investing options. These initiatives demonstrate the company’s efforts to improve its offerings while maintaining a solid position in the rapidly expanding digital asset sector. 

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