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    <p> - During Saturday's trading on the Index, Cardano's value dipped to $0.4350 at 07:51 (11:51 GMT), experiencing a significant 10.08% decrease within the day. This drop represented the steepest single-day decline since April 13.</p>
    <p>This downward trend reduced Cardano's market capitalization to $15.6162B, which is about 0.61% of the entire cryptocurrency market cap. Cardano's market cap peaked at $94.8001B.</p>
    <p>In the last 24 hours, the trading range for Cardano was between $0.4350 to $0.4493.</p>
    <p>Looking at the recent performance over the week, Cardano has witnessed a depreciation of 2.46% in its value. The trading volume for Cardano over the last day reached $776.2751M, which is 0.77% of the total traded volume across all cryptocurrencies. In the previous week, the trading range for Cardano was $0.4305 to $0.4899.</p>
    <p>Currently, Cardano's price sits 85.96% lower than its all-time high of $3.10, achieved on September 2, 2021.</p>
    <h2>Other Cryptocurrency Market Updates</h2>
    <p>Bitcoin was listed at $69,355.5 on the Index, showing a 3.24% decline for the day.</p>
    <p>Ethereum saw a decrease as well, trading at $3,681.54 on the Index, down by 3.95%.</p>
    <p>Bitcoin's market cap is recorded at $1,368.1534B, representing 53.75% of the total market cap for cryptocurrencies, while Ethereum's market cap stands at $442.9123B or 17.40% of the entire market's value.</p>
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