Is The Dawn Of AI Finally Upon Us?

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Hearing about what AI (Artificial Technology) can do for us is something previously only talked about in the realm of science fiction. Now though, this kind of technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily lives and in more ways than one. Of course, there are going to be those aspects of our society which will understandably benefit from AI technology implementation, such as that of medicine, business, and automation, but perhaps it is indeed content creators who will benefit the most.

As the global usage of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrencies grows in our daily lives, many have thus wondered about what the next logical step for this booming industry could be. Orama seems to have the answer, and that is to utilize the benefits provided by AI (Artificial Intelligence) in order to further enhance what NFTs can do and how they can continue to benefit us.

Defining Orama

Orama can be thought of as a comprehensive solution for many aspects pertaining to NFTs. At its centre rests a powerful engine that employs cutting-edge AI technology such as GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) as well as CAN (Creative Adversarial Network), along with different versions to effectively build a large range of novel as well as unique artworks. Other key characteristics of Orama also include the most recent AI technology which has since reportedly been quite useful owing to the global increase in interest in this type of technology.

Orama has the most comprehensive built-in reference library yet, allowing it to construct the artistic collections that are ultimately minted as NFTs. Furthermore, ownerships can be freely traded as well as licenced on both the engine’s own chain along with the cross chain.

Furthermore, this is the first recorded instance of an AI existing wholly on a blockchain, highlighting Orama’s excellent quality and its general efficacy since it really is an engine which can be connected to several chains. This enables NFTs to be used in new and innovative ways, contributing to Orama’s uniqueness.

The link with AI

As previously mentioned, the usage of AI technologies will only continue to grow as time progresses. Projects such as Orama are only going to become more commonplace as we venture forth into the new digital age, and the role of NFTs shall also become more prominent.

With that being said, it thus makes sense that people would want to invest in projects that are able to satisfactorily combine AI technology in a wide variety of ways, whether that be with NFTs or otherwise. In fact, NFTs themselves are largely based on the desire to be a part of a growing community, and with the recent implementation of the metaverse, the usage of AI in this regard is only going to increase.

Using AI

The next question would presumably be centred on how someone would actually be able to utilize AI to improve their lives. There are all kinds of useful features which can be utilized thanks to projects such as Orama. For example, there is ‘Orama Bazaar’, ‘Orama Nexus’, ‘Orama Boutique’, ‘Orama Pictures’, ‘Orama Studio’, ‘Orama DAO’, ‘Orama Canvas’, and ‘Metaverse’. All of these are features which utilize AI technology in order to help content creators and to provide a new way of designing art and utilize them in ways more than a mere being a static collection.

Orama Canvas in particular is an incredibly useful tool as it may be utilised with minimal effort by creative experts to efficiently develop different pieces of content, and it has been stated to considerably improve overall efficiency relating to design production and also conventional art procedures.

Additionally, users do not require any professional abilities to use Orama Canvas, and it is very user-friendly irrespective of a user’s skill level or general knowledge. Simply said, anyone may utilise Orama Canvas to design and produce various types of artwork, since the engine will perform all of the heavy lifting. Lastly, Orama Canvas may also be utilised in conjunction with other components of the Orama ecosystem.


The environment of any given project is also frequently seen as being critical to its ultimate success. As a result, Orama is receiving a lot of interest not only for its capacity to merge AI technology with NFTs, but for its ecosystem as well. This is important as there has been a growing trend as of late wherein people will mainly invest in those projects which offer a supportive and interactive community in addition to an amazing service or product. In fact, one could even argue that this is why the usage of AI technology is growing, so that we can use it to become more connected with one another and remove physical boundaries and traditional restrictions.

Orama’s users have access to a plethora of valuable applications and tools, like Orama Canvas, and may even spend ORM tokens to acquire NFTs, gain attractive rewards, and enjoy special services. Whether it’s one of the previously discussed apps or the experimental but interesting ‘Dream Lab,’ the truth remains that Orama has created an ecosystem in which users feel welcomed and valued. This is a trait that many other projects within this space have also gradually realized is incredibly important for the long-term. When it comes to Orama, the choices are practically infinite.

What to expect going forward

Although it is true that AI technologies are still being worked upon as we speak, the fact remains that this kind of technology is only going to become more popular as time goes on. In fact, many didn’t even take NFTs all that seriously until very recently, and cryptocurrencies have only been around for little more than a decade. This just goes to show that change is indeed inevitable and that people will always work towards implementing new technologies to achieve a greater sense of belonging and success.

When it comes to Orama, it had successfully raised funding from a range of different investors in the previous year, as well as developed an internal prototype after a phase of concept prototyping, idea development and testing, which included establishing its feasibility. Orama has also finished its more recent development of a MVP which tested the complete functionality of the platform in a closed loop. Orama intends to hold a token sale in the future, engine development and blockchain integration. Orama will also have more presences with its strategic partnership in the NFT market sector such as co-developing NFT licensed by celebrities.

Despite the fact that it has much that it still wishes to achieve, Orama remains one of the most anticipated and sought after projects nowadays. Its distinct strategy paired with its ecosystem helps distinguish it from its competitors and enables it to provide something that helps everyone involved. Our world is becoming increasingly digitized and NFTs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies will have a continuous role to play for the foreseeable future, and it is hence becoming increasingly evident that Orama needs to be on everyone’s radar going forward.

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