JC Latham 2024 NFL Draft Profile

JC Latham 2024 NFL Draft Profile

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The 2024 NFL Draft will be a great event for teams to start building for their future. Here is the JC Latham 2024 NFL Draft Profile.

JC Latham Background

Latham has been an impact starter for Alabama over the last two seasons. Now he is in the 2024 NFL Draft.

As a five-star recruit in the class of 2021, Latham signed with Alabama out of Wisconsin. He was a reserve during the 2021 season, but did see the field. He stepped into the starting lineup in 2021, playing right tackle for the Crimson Tide. His play helped the Crimson Tide go 11-2 on the year. He returned to the Crimson Tide in 2023 and earned First Team All-SEC honors along the way. Alabama made the CFP with his help, but lost to Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

Following the Rose Bowl loss, Latham declared for the 2024 NFL Draft. He is currently projected to be a first or second-round pick.

JC Latham Strengths

Latham has great size for an NFL offensive tackle. He stands at 6-foot-6 and 360 pounds, which will make him one of the bigger tackles in the draft class. With his size comes great length, which he can use to neutralize pass rushers and sustain blocks in the running game.

He has great power, which shows up in a variety of ways. Latham can clear giant holes in the running game with the ability to drive defenders out of the way. When in pass protection, he can anchor well and doesn’t struggle with power rushers on the edge.

For his size, Latham has decent athleticism when moving in a straight line. He shows quickness at the snap of the ball and can get to the second level on running plays. WIth his speed and power, he can overmatch defensive linemen and linebackers.

JC Latham Weaknesses

His ability to change direction leaves some to be desired. In space, Latham can have his blocks dodged, which specifically happens when he is getting to the second level. When defenders get him moving laterally in pass protection, he can also struggle to keep up.

He can struggle with speedy and athletic edge rushers. They can get a step on him and if they can bend, he doesn’t have the flexibility to match. He can stop them if he gets his hands on them early, but struggling with athleticism will happen a decent amount at the NFL level.

There are some things that Latham can clean up with his technique. He can improve his footwork to be in synch more with his hands. Latham also can keep his pad level low more and stop lunging. He specifically lunges in space and can miss his block completely when he does.

Projected Draft Range: First Round Pick-Second Round Pick

Draft Grade: Second Round Pick

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