JD Sports takes over Courir

JD Sports takes over Courir

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British fashion retailer JD Sports has reached an agreement to take over Courir. The company will pay 520 million euros for the French retail chain. Courir has more than 300 stores and is active in several countries.

No approval yet

JD Sports had been talking to Courir for a long time, with negotiations starting in May this year. Prior to the acquisition, Courir consulted with employees. Equistone Partners Europe has a majority share in the French retail chain. The take-over still has to be approved.

A perfect fit

Courir is well- known in Europe. It is known as a sneaker retailer, but it also offers clothing for men, women and children. The brand targets ‘urban youth’ between 15-25. This is why Courir fits so well with JD Sports. JD Sports also focuses on youth and sportswear.

“The brands are a good fit, because they both focus on youth and sportswear.”

Expanding with 1750 stores in five years

Courir has a total of 313 stores in about six countries in Europe. Since 2018, Courir has been owned by Equistone Partners Europe. The current acquisition is the first step in JD Sports’ new growth plans. JD Sports now has about 3400 stores in 32 territories, including France, Germany, Britain, the United States and Australia. The company wants to expand with more than 1750 stores in the next five years.

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