Join The Cake for a chance to win one of three (SOLD OUT) Cards Against Cryptocurrency card games

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Cards against Cryptocurrency is a card game based on (but not affiliated with) Cards against Humanity. The Cake has opted to create a competition to introduce cryptocurrencies to your less knowledgeable people using these cards as prizes.

This competition is giving away 3 sets of cards, winners picked at random, to 3 lucky winners who have signed up as a user on The Cake by the 10th of March.

“It’s free to sign up and free to ask your questions for basic advice, you literally have nothing to lose and you might even gain some vital crypto information! These cards are limited first edition sets which sold out within their first week of sale so could be in demand by collectors in their own right in the future,” says The Cake Founder Ben Appleby.

This is a simple competition, The Cake will pick the winners at random from its new users list and the cards will be in the post a few short days after the competition closes. Here are the T&Cs…

Terms and Conditions

  • Sign-up to The Cake before 10th March
  • Winners will be picked at random
  • Winners drawn by 12th March
  • Winners announced by 14th March

“What’s to lose? Get free crypto support via our trusted experts AND be in with a chance to win one of these awesome packs of Cards Against Crypto Currencies. These packs hit the shops last week and have ALREADY SOLD OUT. These were the first run limited edition packs so a part of crypto history.” adds Appleby.

It’s easy to enter, just Sign-up to The Cake

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