Kotlin Multiplatform Has Become Trend For Cross-Platform App Development

Kotlin Multiplatform Has Become Trend For Cross-Platform App Development

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Mobile app development for multiple platforms is a great decision for targeting Android and iOS users simultaneously. Cross-platform mobile app development has become a buzz across the global software development industry.

Multiplatform mobile development allows organizations to create an application that ensures bugs-free performance on multiple operating systems. Of course, top mobile app developers will focus on building and deploying cross-platform apps that deliver native performance in the desired platform.

Kotlin multiplatform is one of the best solutions to write a single code and deploy it on multiple platforms. Kotlin Multiplatform toolkit is popularizing for highly-performing cross-platform mobile app development. Though Kotlin is majorly used for native Android app development, Kotlin multiplatform toolkit assists app developers in creating a single code and deploy on multiple device platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Hence, Kotlin multiplatform toolkit in custom software development help companies in saving their investments and assists software developers in reducing the time in writing codes for different operating systems.

Netflix, Autodesk, Uber, Pinterest, and Baidu are a few of the successful mobile apps in the market which are developed using Kotlin multiplatform technology.   


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Why Kotlin Multiplatform For Cross-Platform App Development?

Mobile app developers are experiencing incredible benefits of choosing Kotlin Multiplatform for cross-platform mobile app development. Take a look at a few must-to-know features of Kotlin Multiplatform. 

Top Benefits Of Kotlin Multiplatform Development Language

  • Code Sharing Across Android and iPhone Mobile App Development

Compared to native Android or iPhone mobile app development, building mobile apps that support multiple platforms is a messy task for custom mobile app development companies. Top app developers need to be very particular about the rules and requirements of the desired platform and write code accordingly.

Code sharing is one of the major benefits of Kotlin Multiplatform app development language. Mobile app development companies can write code only for one platform and share it among different platforms, such as Android and iOS. Logical statements too can be shared, if you write code using Kotlin multiplatform language.

  • Makes Code Reusability Smooth In Full-stack Web Apps Development   

Kotlin multiplatform is also popularizing in front-end and back-end software application development. Code reusability is one of the best approaches to developing and deploying software projects faster. The quality and efficiency of the applications can also be optimized if you use the existing code in the development of new apps.

Kotlin multiplatform technology supports code reusability. Existing code can be reused for developing the both frond end modules and server elements of a web application.

App development companies can reuse the code for developing similar features in multiple apps. Hence, Kotlin multiplatform boosts application development progress and ensure quick app launch into the market.

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  • Flexibility To Write A Unique Code For Both Web and Mobile Application Development

Kotlin Multiplatform is a developer-friendly language as it gives developers the flexibility to write code for one platform and use it across Windows OS and Mobile OS. It means that a common code will be used for creating interactive web and mobile software applications.

Hence, using Kotlin multiplatform for cross-platform app development improves process efficiency and reduces the developer’s efforts in creating individual code. On the other side, the language also benefits cross-platform app developers as it minimizes testing efforts.

  • Access The Latest UI Frameworks With Ease

It is one of the best benefits of using Kotlin Multiplatform for your cross-platform mobile application development. Mobile application developers can access a range of modern UI frameworks like Jetpack Compose or SwiftUI for the design of eye-catchy and great-looking mobile apps that run on different platforms.

  • Huge Libraries Are Available For Cross-platform Application Development

Kotlin multiplatform language makes the entire process of cross-platform app development simple and easier. It reduces development time with its code reusability and code-sharing features.

In addition, due to the availability and great support of pre-defined libraries, Kotlin multiplatform is offering outstanding support for the speed development of cross-platform apps without losing the capabilities of native feel and look.

Since the technology makes use of Java libraries, developers can directly import a range of snippets and modules and deliver the application more quicker.


Using Kotlin multiplatform language for cross-platform mobile app development is a good choice for faster development and deployment. This developer-centric technology lets app developers create flawless and robust platform-independent applications without compromising on adding native features.

Are you looking to invest in cross-platform app development? Then, add Kotlin multiplatform to your technology stack and make the process more efficient.

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