LaTale M Brings its MapleStory-Like 2D MMORPG Gameplay to Android - Droid Gamers

LaTale M Brings its MapleStory-Like 2D MMORPG Gameplay to Android – Droid Gamers

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Move over, MapleStory M, there’s a new competitor in town. And, it’s none other than the classic LaTale, which battled with MapleStory during the 00s for the best 2D MMORPG title.

LaTale M, which is the mobile version’s unsurprising title, seems to be the intact original adventure on your Android. It includes a bunch of features that mobile MMORPG fans are used to though, including autoplay.

What’s LaTale M?

For those unaware of what any of these words mean, LaTale M is a traditional MMORPG that plays on a 2D plane. Think World of Warcraft meets Super Mario World. You pick a class from four different options and head out into adventure.

These include the jack-of-all-trades Warrior, tanky Knight, AoE powerhouse Wizard, and ranged DPS Explorer. You then complete quests and battle monsters to level them up, and gather loot along the way to increase their power.

The goal is to take on the challenging end-game content, which requires a party. In fact, you might want to put together a guild to make this easier. This content includes dungeons, raids, and boss battles, and they house the best loot.

So it’s an MMORPG Then?

Yes, LaTale M is very much a traditional MMORPG, just played in 2D. Where it slightly breaks the mold though, is in its focus on leisure activities. This aspect of the game is closer to RuneScape, as you can gather materials, mine for ores, or fish for food.

If labour isn’t your cup of tea, you can also just kick back and soak in the hot springs. There’s plenty do that doesn’t involve combat in LaTale M, and I imagine a fair portion of you will find that pretty thrilling.

You can also simply play dress up by collecting new outfits and accessories. That’s a huge part of the LaTale endgame: making your character look great. In fact, we should just call it FashionTale and be done with it.

Rounding up the gameplay are collectible pets, which you can evolve Pokémon-style. That means you won’t have to battle alone. You can also recruit your own mount, to get around a little faster, and with more style.

I’m Sold! Where Can I Get It?

If you’d like to check out LaTale M for yourself, head on over to Google Play to check it out. To help you get started, I’ve put together a LaTale M codes guide and LaTale M classes guide. The latter, in particular, will help you determine which one to pick.

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