Making assistive technology joysticks #AssistiveTechnology @MakerMakeChange

Making assistive technology joysticks #AssistiveTechnology @MakerMakeChange

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In today’s interconnected world, access to technology and the internet plays a crucial role in enabling individuals to thrive, both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, people with disabilities continue to encounter substantial obstacles using technology. Many people with physical disabilities have difficulty using traditional input devices like computer mice — there are limited options for alternative input devices and those that do exist are often cost prohibitive.

Neil Squire has received funding from the Government of Canada’s Accessible Technology Program to develop and release at least four cost-effective, customizable joystick-based alternative input devices through its Makers Making Change program. These will build upon our previous work with the LipSync and OpenAT Joysticks.

You can read more, see their prototypes and express interest in the post here.

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