Mario vs. Donkey Kong Overview Trailer Released

Mario vs. Donkey Kong Overview Trailer Released

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Take a deep dive into the puzzle-filled platforming world of Nintendo’s Mario vs. Donkey Kong with the overview trailer for the game.

In this title, players will take control of the titular Mario as they run, jump, and backflip their way through more than 130 levels. Featuring a puzzle-style twist on classic platforming action, players will be tasked with rescuing Mini-Mario toys. Along the way, players will also have to watch for enemies, dodge hazards, and use different tools in each world.

Originally released for the Game Boy Advance, this version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong features new co-op play, new worlds, and updated music and visuals. In the case of co-op, a second player can take control of Toad on the same system.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Mario vs. Donkey Kong — Overview Trailer — Nintendo Switch

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong will come out for the Nintendo Switch on February 16. Pre-orders are available now on the Nintendo eShop, along with a free demo of the game that supports both Classic and Casual styles.

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