Market Analysis Report (10 Sep 2021)

Today, Osprey Funds, LLC, a premier digital asset management firm, announced the launch of the Osprey Solana Trust for private placement. The Trust is the first investment vehicle to offer exposure to SOL, the native token used on the Solana blockchain.

Following a breakthrough in mobile communications, Solana Founder and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko introduced Proof of History to the blockchain, an algorithmic solution for timestamping transactions. This enables the Solana network to operate at incredible speed, processing 65,000 transactions per second with sub-second block finality, which will only get faster as network bandwidth increases. Greg King, CEO of Osprey Funds, said:

“The pedigree of the science and potential of the technology behind Solana is unique among current blockchains. Solana has the potential to become the rails of an integrated, decentralized financial network that establishes one global price for assets. With the debut of the Osprey Solana Trust, we are continuing to build onramps for investors to access what we believe are the most promising blockchain technologies.”


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