Meet the Graveyard Girls on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch | TheXboxHub

Meet the Graveyard Girls on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch | TheXboxHub

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The Graveyard Girls

Penguin Pop Games are probably best known for the weird and wonderful. But they also do a cracking line in visual novels. Ready to meet the Graveyard Girls on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch?

A new visual novel

Taco Tom, The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved The World and Salamander County Public Television are some of our favourite Penguin Pop Games games. But if it’s a visual novel you are a little partial to, then there are a number of those available too. The latest is that of Graveyard Girls; a Halloween-themed visual novel. And yes, we know it’s not Halloween!

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Graveyard Girls is a visual novel that focuses on the complications of grief and the overcoming of hardships. It’s present on the digital stores of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch too. 

Elle is front and centre this tale, as she becomes friends with a mysterious stranger. From there, pretyt hefty topics come to the fore, as struggles, death and loss are covered. There are also snippits of romance intertwined too. 

Key features

  • Collect Elle’s “Scribbles” and learn about her struggles
  • Beautiful Girls on Halloween!
  • Conversations about grief and normalizing questions about death
  • Subtle romantic tones

Join the Graveyard Girls now

You can purchase and download Graveyard Girls on Xbox via the Xbox Store. It’s priced at a mere £4.69 and is optimised for Xbox Series X|S. 

Graveyard Girls is also on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch storefronts. 

Our review is on the way. Just be aware, Graveyard Girls is most definitely for a more mature audience. 

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Graveyard Girls Game Description

When two girls meet in a graveyard on Halloween… “Grief isn’t a low. It’s a terrifying high, atop a mountain I never climbed.” Visiting her father’s grave on Halloween was never the plan, but inexplicably, Elle finds herself drawn to the local cemetery. Hoping to find a semblance of closure, she arrives at his graveside with a notebook clutched to her chest. Sitting against his headstone, Elle talks to her dad for the first time in years. Drowning in a downpour of memories, she closes her eyes and focuses on breathing. Daylight slips away, but before Elle can leave, a stranger approaches. When Elle and Lucia meet on Hallows Eve, two grieving worlds collide… Graveyard Girls is a Halloween-themed visual novel about complicated grief and overcoming hardships. Collect Elle’s “scribbles” to learn about her struggles, befriend a mysterious girl, and talk about death and loss.

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