Microgrids and the Energy Transition

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Centralized electricity production spurred huge progress in the early 20th century — enabling significant economies of scale and improved power plant efficiency.

But times are changing.

Today, we are facing new energy challenges, including an aging electrical grid, an increase in severe weather, and rising energy costs. Power decentralization may help us tackle these 21st-century energy hurdles by creating accessible, reliable, green, and resilient energy.

The first step to decentralize is to find a way to create and distribute power on site. And microgrids are quickly becoming the smart decentralization solution. They provide local, interconnected energy, battery storage, and digital control capability.

What is microgrid technology? Will it become the norm and not the exception in the coming years?

Read this white paper to find out.

Source: https://www.greenbiz.com/whitepaper/microgrids-and-energy-transition

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