Microsoft Invests in No-Code App Builder

Microsoft Invests in No-Code App Builder

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Microsoft has announced its investment in, a London-based no-code app builder that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to break down software development into reusable Lego-like features. The tech giant has not disclosed the amount of its equity investment. Still, the collaboration will accelerate the go-to-market growth of’s platform through product connections across the Microsoft product ecosystem.

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Microsoft has invested in a no-code app builder,, and plans to integrate it with Teams, Azure, & its AI-powered assistant Natasha.

The Benefits of No-Code App Building has democratized software development by opening access to it for non-coders and making it faster and more affordable. The company claims that building projects without coding is 70% more affordable, thanks to its AI-powered assembly line and customization from its managed expert network of designers and developers. The company’s AI project manager Natasha helps users build prototypes faster by providing machine learning algorithm-based recommendations and instant visualization of ideas.

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Microsoft has invested in a no-code app builder,, that helps build apps like lego blocks.

Microsoft Teams Store Integration with Natasha

Microsoft plans to integrate Natasha within its Teams store, which serves as a hub for businesses to use apps for communication, automation, consolidation, and collaboration. With Natasha’s help, Microsoft customers will be able to build prototypes of their business applications seamlessly, unlocking access and reach to new customers for

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Enhancing Natasha with Microsoft’s AI Algorithms will leverage Microsoft’s AI algorithms to enhance Natasha’s natural language processing capabilities to make it sound more human. This will provide a more engaging and conversational experience for users.

Microsoft integrates a new no-code ai app with MS Teams, Azure, & its AI-powered assistant Natasha.

Accelerating Growth with Microsoft Cloud and AI

The deal includes integrations across Azure OpenAI Service and other Azure Cognitive Services with’s software assembly line. This will accelerate’s growth by leveraging Microsoft’s cloud and AI infrastructure.

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Microsoft’s investment in will accelerate growth by integrating its platform with its ecosystem. The integration of Natasha within the MS Teams store will help businesses build prototypes of their applications seamlessly while enhancing her with Microsoft’s AI algorithms will make it sound more human.’s democratization of software development through no-code app building has made it more accessible and affordable for non-coders. The customization from its network of designers and developers has further enhanced the ease of usability of the app. The integration with Microsoft’s cloud and AI infrastructure will provide with a significant competitive advantage in the market.

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